Saturday, April 21, 2007

Photo Friday: Products!

First a quick announcement that Dr. Mellow has undergone a name change. She will heretofore be known as Dr. F-Head. This is partially because, well, she is a f-head. Also because when I told my friend about her (I was recommending her at the time) she actually thought her name was the F-word. (I truly don't care if I'm giving away her identity.) I also feel bad that I didn't take the stories about her seriously until something happened to me. Oh, well, I am a proponent of experiential learning...

Lo's Hair Regime
These are my hair products. I have dry, curly hair, and I need every single one of these items to get my hair to behave (and still, some days, it doesn't). The sheer excess of this is highlighted in our home by Co's 2-in-1 shampoo.

I got most of these products from my hairdresser, who is my absolute savior. Four of our six-person mah-jongg group now see her (including Co). She came to our wedding (she did our hair,of course!). If you have curly hair (or even if you don't) and live anywhere near me, you need her phone number, and I will provide. In terms of the products, the B*uncy Creme in particular (blue pump on the far left) is corporate America's gift to curly-haired women. My hairdresser can barely keep it in stock. It really does define the curl and tame the frizz. The G*rnier N*ctris (small green tub) of course comes from See Vee Ess (another great love of mine, more below). Ordinarily I must purchase only salon products, to my great frustration, but another curly buddy recommended this stuff and it really helps to dab a little on just to seal the curls.

Co's Seltzer Stash
Here, you see Co's seltzer stash. It's ironic that Co is the seltzer drinker in the family because I come from a long line of imbibers. My great-grandparents had a seltzer delivery man who brought them those wonderful old seltzer bottles on a weekly basis; I myself grew up in a sea of plastic bottles (if I took them back to the store I was allowed to keep the nickels). But Co loves her seltzer, and thank goodness it's a vice she can keep even now that she's pregnant. There's a great Allan Sherman song called "Seltzer Boy" that we sing around the house ("Water I hate it....'cause it aint' carbonated....").

See Vee Ess....ah, See Vee Ess. My favorite chain store. The only chain store, in fact, I can abide. I am non-corporate in my beliefs, but I cannot help my love for this one place of business. Maybe because it was the first chain store I had much familiarity with; I discovered it in the town we moved to when I was ten. I found it pretty cool that you could go into a See Vee Ess just about anywhere, and feel like you were right at your home See Vee Ess. Of course, I find this same concept much less charming in the case of, say, Mickey D's. I've been to one in Montreal and one in Poland and I think it's depressing that they could both be Middle America. But somehow See Vee Ess is special to me. This photo is of the store in Brookline, Massachusetts (Coolidge Corner, if that means anything to you) that started it all.


oneofhismoms said...

My brother briefly worked at see vee ess. His job was to dust the candy.

Can your hairdresser do wavy, frizzy, but not really curly hair?

calliope said...

i can't believe that you prefer Sea Vee Ess to Duane Read! or Ricky's! (looking good, feeling good!)