Saturday, November 29, 2008

First Haircut

In my genetic family, we don't generally get much hair 'til, say, kindergarten, so the first haircut is usually something that occurs in grade school. Witness my nephew at his 2nd birthday party (he's never had a haircut, except for my sister snipping off his rat tail every so often).

And here I am at three months, bald as an egg.
L. at 3 months

Jo, on the other hand, has been a hairy little creature since birth (he's four days old in the picture below). Co has trimmed his hair several times already.
Sleeping Angel
His first birthday is coming up, so we decided to go professional this weekend.

Here are the before shots, from Thanksgiving:
J cruises

And the back:
J cruises

Here he is all ready for his haircut, in his Fire Chief seat:
Fire Chief

The place had every manner of kiddie distraction: toys, TV screens, balloons, you name it. Here he is being distracted by bubbles (and sporting the adorable smock):
First Haircut

The mid-cut mohawk:

The artist at work:
First Haircut

And here's the "After" shot, at home with his hard-won balloon from the salon:

We got a first-haircut certificate with a lock of his hair. The standard "Certificate of Recognition" template included a quote by John F. Kenn.edy ("One person can make a difference") and while I'm not sure the occasion warrants it, it's certainly emblematic of the era of hope and change Jo gets to grow up in. Short hair and all.


Sandra Mort said...

SO cute!

Gabriele said...

He is so beutiful.
May the Eternal bless him.
Bless you for being such wonderful, proud moms

gypsygrrl said...

jo is such a pumpkin!!!

marry said...

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