Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More Firsts

Today's jubilation has been tempered for us queers (and fellow travelers) by the bad news from California, Arizona, and Florida. Let's hope change comes for us, too. I can't help but be a bit hopeful, because in our state, the Senate got the Democratic majority They say is necessary for discussion of marriage in the Legislature.

You've heard from both Co and myself about this election, and even seen Jo's hearty support for Obama. Maggie's been silent on that point, however...until now.

Last night President-elect Obama (oh, I just love typing that!!!) announced an important aspect of his administration that I, for one, was not previously aware of: the introduction of the White House Puppy. I learned today that the pup will be a rescue dog.

Maggie says it's high time we had a First Dachshund in this country. (You can click here to weigh in on the topic yourself.) Doxies are loyal, persistent, "Yes, we can!" sorts of doggies. And they love children. What other pet would put up with this:

1 comment:

Gabriele said...

I was shocked at the results of propsition 2 in Florida and propsiton 8 in California.
How dare these radicles,that think
they have an exclusive path to the Divine act so hatefully.
I pray that the day comes when all Americans have the right to Marry.
The picture of your dog and baby is so beutiful. God bless your family. Maybe Florida will outlaw Pork next. :-)