Monday, November 03, 2008


I have this urgent desire to just pause the world right now. Right where we are. Where the guys singing in the train beg us to vote, and everyone is reading newspapers, even the free ones, even the trashy ones, with big pictures of Obama on the cover. And everyone seems so breathless with hope.

I've been getting literally tearful at the thought of Obama winning, when I think of him being Jo's president. My students' president. And I figured it was because I was sloppy and let my meds run out again. I always get a little overwrought and emotional after a few doses. But I've been back on the happy pills for several days and I'm still getting tearful. It turns out, I actually feel that emotional about this election.

Please, God, let this country do the right thing.


Gabriele said...

Congradulations little jay is beutiful. I happend onto your site when I looked for Daugshund owners.
My little Paulie hurt his back 5 weeks ago. He just turned 5 years old and cannot feel his legs or anything behind his hind qaurtes . I am caring for him. take him to an acupuncturist and messages.
He now can wag his tale, He is beginning to move his hind legs a little. Would you and your Partner say a prayer for little Paulie please.
And yes I hope Obama wins too.

Anonymous said...

i am right there with you!!!! today feels really special to me and i can't help but feel overwhelmingly happy at the thought of Obama being Mr. E's first president. i think it's a combo of actual chance for real and good change, and also as a parent a real intense need for things to change!

Co said...


Of course we will pray for little Paulie. I hope he continues to recover and feel better.

Gabriele said...

Thank you so very much.
My wife and I were so moved when Barack Obama won the election with so much support from our nation.
I pray that we move ahead in this new adminstration.
We are all one in the Divine.