Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lo Learns Code

Learn, Lo, Learn.
Co had to calm me through it, though I mostly picked it out myself. (Please note Co's other blog, in case this surprises you even remotely.)

On the other hand, it was my passionate desire to create the fancy new (okay, anal retentive new) categorization system that brought me to the point where I actually asked of my own volition what "ul" means.

One of these days I might even be able to communicate with 12-year-olds. (However, I will never set up a myspace. Never. Never. Never. Never. Though I must add that, if any of you have been following the myspace drama in the news, the word on the street from my local 12-year-old users is that it is "so over." Okay. Works for me.)


Estelle said...

unnumbered list ;)

Calliope said...

myspace freaks me out too!!!
I still can't get over that I have friends that blog there. Friends that are in their effing 30's!!

Lo said...

Well, now, Calliope, you know, people need to be on myspace because of *bands*. (this is a truly reasonable cause....bands can set up websites without the evil eye of the record company...)
However, for me, the whole girl-sees-guy-on-my-space, girl-meets-guy, girl-ends-up-in-dumpster problem hits way, way, way, way too close to home (I teach 7th grade). We have been begging/pleading/trying not to threaten our kids to be safe and smart. (no, they're not 14, and they're not supposed to be on it. But they all are.)