Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lo's Favorite Button

(I come from a family of political button collectors. My grandfather did it, my parents did it separately and together, and I have two bags of them in my bottom dresser drawer. No, I haven't found a good way to display them in my small apartment.)

I have a lot of ones I love [no nukes/no cows!], but I do think this one's my favorite:

Choice in Everything.

(I know life's never that simple, but still....)

P.S. We sent a letter to PKD. Well, Co calls it a letter, I call it a short email reminder. But hopefully we'll hear from him soon.


Calliope said...

a letter!

thinking of you gals...

Lorem ipsum said...

I collect coffee mugs. Wish I'd thought of the buttons, though - they take up a lot less room.

And amen to Choice in Everything!

fostermama said...

Did I know you had a button collection?
Have we looked at each other's?
I haven't added much to mine in recent years, admittedly, and I don't have it hanging on the wall as I used to in HS, but I think I might know where it is. :)

fostermama said...

oh, and did I tell you about my dream about the workshop/support group for adoptive parents, women who had had or were planning to have abortions, foster parents, birth parents, etc, etc, etc?
It brought home the meaning of reproductive choice in a new way for me.

charlotte said...

I know that that button has layers upon layers of meaning!! I can't wait for you to hear from him!!