Friday, June 29, 2007


The title is the word my synoptic gospels professor used to refer to a chunk of text. (e.g. that one had chosen to work with for a paper)

*First of all, a big shout-out of joy to Art-Sweet because GUATEBABY IS COMING HOME!!!

*We went to a wedding this past weekend. It was great fun, a truly joyous occasion. At the reception, a boy toddler paid a great deal of attention to Co. One of the many old wives tales I've heard about how to predict the sex of your fetus is: if a boy toddler pays attention to your belly, it's a girl. If a boy toddler ignores your belly, it's a boy. (Heterosexist much? Not to mention that there is no interpretation of a girl toddler's behavior; boys get all the agency.) Now technically speaking, the toddler flirted with Co, not so much her belly. So is Flipper a girl? Is the little boy gay? (Or, as Co insists on pointing out, did she just look a bit like his mom?) (Pix up at flickr family/friends, should you care.)

*I am done with school! This means I get paid for sitting on my ass. However, I always get really anxious and stressed out that I am not being more productive. I am trying NOT to do that.

Thusly, here is the first edition of Lo's Highly Opinionated Movie Reviews: We saw Knocked Up in the actual theatre, and rented The Messengers and Children of Men. The former was extremely funny, but beware if you have TTC issues at all. Nothing like an "oops!" pregnancy to make you crazy. The Messengers, frankly, you can skip, but we both like stupid thrillers. Children of Men...well, it was just so dark. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone TTC. Or pregnant. Or with kids. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood, but it seemed terribly bleak and too easy to imagine. And it didn't seem like a call to arms in the way The Handmaid's Tale did.

Plus, I've been taking advantage of the twice-daily showing of Str0ng Medicine. I was so sad when that show was cancelled...quality health-care is my old-fart fantasy. And of course, Rosa Bl@si is hot.

We also got professionally measured for bras at M@cy's! (I was excited about this venture, but really, it was just a lady with a tape measure. It was free though so the letdown wasn't too severe. And sure enough, I've been wearing the wrong size.)

*On my List of Scary Things To Do Over The Summer is: make room for Flipper. Our apartment is pretty small and we have expanded to fill it. Today I took some measurements that make me feel cautiously optimistic. I'll keep you updated. In short, we do not have a whole extra room that we get to dress up as a nursery. The current plan is to move a piece of furniture so that we can fit a small bedlike thing into the bedroom (we're thinking of this at the moment, comments and advice very welcome, though no promises to follow it). Then we'll move things around in our office so that a changing table/dresser and some shelves can be kept there.


fostermama said...

The Amby has a very small footprint. It's what Niblet slept in, and Squeak too. FosterMommy's co-worker borrowed ours when her baby was new and wouldn't give it back until the one she ordered arrived because her son slept so well in it. We heard of it through Peter's Cross Station's "baby stuff we love" list. She also used a mini-crib, which she links to from there as well (start with the last post).

Shelli said...

we kept Malka in our room for the first few months, then made our guest room/home office into her room.

I'd be happy to swing over sometime with Malka and help out for a bit. Just let me know!

calliope said...

I LOVED Children of Men...the baby stuff was a bit hard, but I thought it was amazing. Did you watch any of the special features?? Maybe I just got geeked out over all of the amazing camera work :)

dlvc said... BabiesToddlers/Cribs/G10.htm

This is the crib we got for our 400 square foot 1BR apartment. We had her in our room (in a mix of our bed and crib) until 8 months or so, but eventually we moved to the living room (yes...we got kicked out by our own baby). We had anticipated sharing a room for longer, but it was very hard for us to ignore the baby rustling, even when she was sleeping fine. We've now moved to a new apartment and got our very own room, but we're still glad to have the space saving crib.

With the small space, we also found a white noise machine useful. I have no idea if it made her sleep better, but it made it easier for us to sleep through newborn grunts, and also was nice to have on for naps so we didn't worry about waking her up banging dishes in the next room.

o said...

I'm so glad you guys are seeing lots of movies. That's one thing I really miss and I regret not going out every night for flicks while A was pregnant. It's just not the same when you have to lay down the cash for a babysitter!

oneofhismoms said...

Hey, the above comment was from me, but my computer didn't let me finish.