Saturday, June 30, 2007

Photo Saturday & Funny Reactions

So here is our red picture:

The Boss Lady

When we heard the theme, there wasn't any question as to what we would post. Maggie is, after all, a red dachshund. In fact, she is maybe brindle or mahogany; she's red with a black stripe that starts at the top of her neck and goes all the way to the tip of her tail. She's a rescue, so no one ever told me the official name for her color.

In this picture she's wearing her red bandana that says "Boss Lady." We put it on her because once, when Co was walking her, a passerby saw our 12-pound wonder trying to drag her Mommy (while Mommy said "Come on, Maggie!") and the stranger said, "Who's the boss? Maggie's the boss!"

We repeat this phrase often in our home.

Here are the funny reactions: today was the annual 4th of July picnic at Co's brother's mother-in-law's (follow that?) house. Brother J. had told friends and family about Flipper, and some even greeted Co's belly by name. It was really sweet. J. shared this story about telling family: He called one of C's aunts, Aunt M., who responded with excitement, and shared the news with her husband -- Uncle V. -- while she was still on the phone. Uncle V. said (J. could hear him) "Co's pregnant? How tha fuck d'tha' happen??"

A colleague of mine, who has been home with her baby this year, saw Co at our school's 8th grade graduation and made her as a pregnant lady (my colleague knew we'd been trying). When she told her husband she thought Co was pregnant, he responded, "Way to go, Lo!"

Way to go, Lo, indeed.

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Dis said...

"Co's pregnant? How tha fuck d'tha' happen??"

OMG I seriously laughed OUT LOUD at that.

calliope said...

way to go Lo!!

soooo glad that the telling is going so well.

are we going to get any belly shots?!?!?

Amanda said...

That is hysterical! i wouldn't be surprised to hear something like that from a few family members!
And the 'way to go Lo'--that's awesome.

Melissa said...

Great story! I laughed out loud at your uncle's reaction. Hysterical!

Silly Bus said...

Interesting blog!!!