Sunday, June 03, 2007

Photo Friday: Weekend of Warm Fuzzies

We headed north this weekend, where we had several warm fuzzy adventures that made us both smile inside and out.

Western Mass Blog Bash was this weekend, and since it was held in the area where both my mother and sister live, Co and I saw no reason to resist another bloggy party. We stayed with my mom and got to see my sis and hang out with our now 7.5 month nephew, S.

I fall more in love with S. every time I see him. Because he reminds me of my sister as an infant, because he is a family baby, because he is his own delicious self. So he is the first warm fuzzy. There are many, many more pictures of on flickr but I'll hold myself to one on the blog. This is S. sitting in my sister's and my old wooden high chair, playing with our old toys (the apple and the blocks). There are many pictures of both my sister and myself at roughly his age, sitting in that high chair, with that same apple toy, that look virtually identical. My mom even had a yellow pad on the chair back in the '70s.

S. plays with blocks and apple

The main event of the weekend was the big blog get-together. We saw those we'd met before (E. and A., J. and S.) and met some wonderful new folks (new being a relative term given our blogging familiarity): Jude and Jen, CD and SP, and K. I can't say enough about what a good time I had, and how full-up I felt after spending time with these women. I can't wait to get together again. I do feel as though, to quote our IVP sister Cali, I made Friends this weekend. It's a good feeling. (This warm fuzzy goes without a photo here on the blog; pix are friends-only on flickr. Email me if you want to be added.)

Other warm fuzzies from the weekend include our very first baby gift from my mom (a board book of the Very Hungry Caterpillar with a matching stuffed toy, from the Eric C@rle Museum); and our very first baby hand-me-downs from my sister. Co got some great maternity clothes (handed down from our California cousin, who has impeccable taste!) and my sister gave us a bag of S's tiny-baby clothes, blankets, etc. We also saw my high school English teacher, now a family friend, who regaled us with tales of her own births in the 1960s. We've come a long way, ladies...

Finally, it is truly inconceivable (pun intended) that we'd post about warm fuzzies and leave out our warmest fuzzy of all. Here is Maggie, the first baby, snoozing on her Grandmom's couch. Co snapped a pic because of the odd position.

Dangling Foot


marci said...

too cute! scooty likes to sleep on pillows too. Congrats on 1/3 of your pregnancy behind you now. I bet you guys are getting pretty excited, huh?

The Fonaholics said...

Aww little maggie...yay for family time and getting hand me downs, it is so great that your mom kept toys from when you were kids!!! Hey i'd love to be added to your flickr friends... my user id is fonaholic

j said...

We're really really gald that you guys were able to make it. I think we pretty much just love spending time with you both. It should happen again:)

FosterMommy said...

The blogfest sounds like it was fun. It's so great to meet new Friends.

And S is really cute!

calliope said...

blogfest sounds like it was fun!
Will you guys get use of the high-chair? I LOVE family stuff like that.

Lo said...

Megan: done!

Cali: my mom, wisely, keeps the Family Stuff in her house. So the pix of S. in the high chair and playing with our baby toys are all at her house. Flipper, too, will use all these things when s/he visits Grandmom. :-)

J: Yes!!

Fostermommy: you'll see soon just how cute...

Clare said...

Sounds like a lovely warm and fuzzy weekend