Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Week So Far

It has been a tough week. At one time, I fantasized that once we got our BFP, there would be no more tough weeks. We would just float through each day on silver-edged clouds, smiling beatifically at each other.

Um, nope.

I finally finished my report cards over the weekend, with Co's amazing editing assistance. I only have to write 28 (this year), so I genuflect to folks like Bri, and the Spanish and P.E. teachers at my school, who have to write reports for a schoolful of brat - er, children (274 in our case). But my 28 are lengthy narratives and they come right out of my gut.

That was a good thing. But I started the week tired, and I still have to deal with ordering stuff for next year, and putting together a binder that shows what I did with the children all year and how it meets the state standards. And pack up my room.

Then there is some ugly friendship crap going on that has been taking a lot right out of my gut (and adding to the sleep deficit).

But here are the good things:
1. 6 days until school is over (even if I do have to finish all the above crap in the meantime)
2. 15 weeks today!
3. Midwife appointment tomorrow. Hopefully we'll hear the heartbeat. I'm a little nervous, as always.
4. Co dealt with her stress over the friendship thing by making her yummy Speci@l K cookies. Um, the cereal people, the cereal.
5. I heard from a friend who has been out of the country, and I have been out of touch with, for about 7 years. And I will probably see her again in a few weeks!

Now B@rt S1mpson is rapping on the tube, and Co is making her yummy sauce. I guess things are not so bad...


S. said...

Sorry about the hard week but I'm glad the year's winding down. It's always miserable at the end of the semester.

calliope said...

yay- happy 15 weeks!
Hope the next couple of days fly by.

Jude said...

Mmm, I want some special cookies.

Congrats on 15w!! Only 25 to go!

Holly said...

Special K cookies!!?!??!
You might have to post that recipe!
Sorry things are a little stressful with f.d. (friend drama).
We seem to be having some of that going on here too.

Heather said...

i know--REALLY KNOW--how much you are looking forward to the end of school. hang in will be worth it. i loved my "pregnant summer." :o)

oneofhismoms said...

Congrats on the report card completion. I still have 8 days left. Summmmmmeeeer!