Sunday, June 17, 2007

Photo Friday & Our Weekend

I will start with my entry to Photo Friday:
S's Grass Foot

That's Nephew S's foot. We (me, Co, Nephew S and his parents, my mom and her husband, and assorted friends) spent the weekend here.

I have waxed cheesy, if not eloquent, about this festival on the blog before. Suffice to say that I felt at home, and at peace, for these two days, in a way I do not usually.

Photo documentation is, mostly, of babies. Last year the Canon was still new, and most of my pictures were attemped-artsy photos of the river, the weeping willows, perfomers taken with the optical zoom. This year? Between Nephew S. and Squeak, there was plenty to photograph.

An exception: here's Co enjoying a tasty treat from the food vendors. She wasn't able to finish it, though (I guess it looked better than it was?? I'll stop now...FYI, that's Ghir@rdelli chocolate. mmmmm).

This year I wasn't crazy about the musical line-up (which in some ways I prefer, because it's more relaxing to wander about, picking up literature from the activists, browsing the crafts, and plopping down the blanket to soak up some sun and music whenever the mood strikes, as opposed to tightly scheduled concert times). But, I present to you:

S. listening to Pete Seeger:
S plays with bottle

S. listening to Buffy Sainte-Marie:
S plays with tree

Finally, here is S. in his Father's Day shirt. (It reads,"Real Boys Wear Pink," and the back says "And my daddy eats quiche.") My sister noted that the first day of the festival, when S. was wearing blue overalls with sailboats (see pix above), people asked whether he was a boy or a girl. On day 2, in the pink T-shirt, people (obviously didn't read it) and assumed he was a girl. And this is, at least in theory, a politically radical crowd! Good grief. Flipper definitely needs one of J. and S.'s onesies!

And then, thanks to wonderful friends....we came home to a stroller in our apartment! Aaaah!

More pictures on flickr. Many are public, some are private, email if you want access.


oneofhismoms said...

OMG I want to eat his little chubby knees. CUTE!

Holly said...

Very cute little guy!
I was looking at the website for the festival and was like "hey, I know where that is! It's like 20 minutes (ok, maybe 30) from us!"
And I LOVE Pete Seeger!
Glad you had a wonderful time. It looks so peaceful!

calliope said...

pete seeger! My Mother would have flipped out.
looks like you guys had a blast.

Mikhela said...

LOVE that shirt. I'm going to have to make one. I really hate the 'boys in blue, girls in pink thing'.