Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bio-Moms, Take Note

A month or two ago, Co ordered a maternity/nursing nightgown. When it came, there was a teeny matching onesie that came along with it. Co thought it was cheesy; she'd actually avoided the nighties that advertised this option, and thought this one didn't have the onesie. I thought it was precious and exclaimed over how cute it was and how delighted I was that she'd made the mistake and I couldn't wait to take their picture together.

For my birthday, Co gave me a nightie with a matching onesie for Flipper. And, it turns out, it wasn't easy. There are lots of mother-daughter and father-son outfits, she told me, but mother-son doesn't exist, and mother-gender neutral is hard to come by. But she found one.

Because, she told me, I'm the mother, too.

Is she best or is she the best??


calliope said...

awwww. That is really sweet.

Clare said...


Truck Driver Wife said...

I think that is wonderful

EggDropBlogger said...

She is awesome. And I want to see the pictures.

A matching baby onesie! How cute is that!

party b said...

that's awesome

amanda said...

That is too, too sweet.