Wednesday, November 28, 2007


(Yes, I stole this post title from another blog. but I can't remember which one. I think it was Possible Maybe.)

Here's Co's belly at 39 weeks. To me, she looks pretty big, but most folks don't believe she's due in a week:

39 Weeks Belly Shot

Charlotte wants updates. The warm fuzzy update is that my job had a shower for me today. It was really fun and I was extremely touched. There was a cake with blue writing and plastic footballs, and they invited Co to come (to my surprise! it was all a surprise!) and everyone admired her belly. They made a betting pool for when she'd give birth.

No significant changes here, however. Yesterday's midwife visit went well but there are no indicators of when Flipper will be joining us.

I am feeling increasingly ready. (Yes, I'm impatient, but that's not necessarily the same as ready...) Our bags are partially packed, and I picked up supplies like arnica, lip balm, Luna bars, Gatorade. We have everything we need for labor, and for Flipper. We set up the P n' P where he'll sleep. Yesterday we went to a local crunchy baby store and The Sling Lady helped us try some on; we were please to find that we felt comfortable with the Maya wrap, and it fits us both. Tomorrow I start the next unit with my kids, the one I want to be able to start off before I go.

So whenever you're ready, little guy...


*G* said...

So exciting! Such a great belly shot, too! (I also clicked on the pic and noticed the pic of the feet in your set...those poor, swollen end of pregnancy feet! It will get better, soon! I was retaining so much water the last few weeks of pregnancy that I'd lost close to 30 pounds at my 2 week post-partum visit. It was nice to be able to see the bones in my feet again, haha.)

Congrats on the shower. The surprise sounds like lots of fun! Looking forward to refreshing your page more than usual until we learn of Flipper's arrival!

maeby said...

Beautiful belly shot! And what a nice, warm, fuzzy surprise your co-workers gave you!

I'm so excited every time I see that you or Co has written a post because I know the time is coming where the post will be about Flipper's arrival.

As a side note, it must be a relief to have so many things falling into place (i.e., the packing, his bed, where you are in your curriculum, etc.). Phew.

Anonymous said...

less than a week!!! squeeeeeeeeeeel!

& that is so lovely that you guys got a surprise shower.


calliope said...

dude- that was me! (the anonymous above person)

Also should say that Co looks amazing!

EggDropBlogger said...

OMIGOD. Six days left. How exciting!

oneofhismoms said...

Well, Eggdrop, you know it could be three more weeks and a day. But I wouldn't wish that on anyone especially folks as prepared as you guys are!

BTW, I finally have something for you guys and Flip. Do you want it before, or after the big day?

PS I'm glad you had a shower. They are very fun and presents never hurt, either.

charlotte said...

wow what a belly! adorable. i am so excited for you guys to meet him!!

Melissa said...

Awesome belly shot. I can't wait to see pics of the little guy whose living in that belly!

fostermama said...

yay for choosing a sling!
I've never tried the Maya wrap, though the T family has one and has used it lots. I don't think they found it that great when their babe was tiny, but it worked great when she got older. Lots of people find that it's helpful to have more than one sling around. You and the baby will get into moods. He'll want more or less freedom of motion, or vertical or horizontal positioning. You'll want the weight spread out more or him out of your way to do household chores more, or whatever. Different ones are good for in the house vs. out in the world.

So, I'm just saying, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to borrow or get for cheap other slings - a wrap style (ellaroo or moby), a mei tai style, and a pouch/pocket style would all be excellent complements to the ring-sling (what yours is called).

Did it come with a video to learn about positions and use? If it didn't, download one or see if you can borrow a DVD or watch it on the mayawrap website or something. And if Flipper or you don't love it right away, get someone to help you with positioning and stuff cuz they (like everything) do have a learning curve.