Friday, November 23, 2007

Did Kafka Ever Change His Name?

We spent the day standing on neverending lines at Social Security and the DMV, in order to finally change our names. Exhausting, but now complete.

Any advice on where to change them next (and in what order) is welcome.

We did have lunch at Junior's. Yum.

Thanksgiving, with Due Date Buddy's family, was fun and full of big bellies.


Melody said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday!

Jennifer said..., credit card, insurance, loans/mortgage, doctor/dentist, prescriptions

That's all I got now:)

fostermama said...

It's fun, being a woman and calling places to change your name. The most random places will just say "oh, you got married?" to which you just mumble "yes" and they say "ok, sure, what's your new name?" and it's done. No proof, no nuttin. Like, our bank did that.

Our mortgage, on the other hand, wants proof AND requires that we change our names on our homeowners insurance before they'll change it on the mortgage. But it's been a month since we changed it on the insurance and two faxes and two phone calls and they still haven't figured out how to associate the homeowner's insurance under New Name with the mortgage under Old Names. So they're threatening us with all sorts of badness. Lovely.

Better luck to you guys! :)

Anonymous said...

If you think it's fun being a *woman* and changing your name, try it as a man! When my husband and I both changed ours upon getting married, no one could understand what my husband meant when he called places to tell them he had a new name. Seriously, they were so baffled.
Thinking of you both a lot these days!