Sunday, November 04, 2007

Make Room for Flipper

Today, at long last, was our handyman appointment. (Actually, the original handyman cancelled, and I called people from cr*igslist ads until I found someone with availability today. I have been waiting too long!!)

So, we played what Co calls "Flipper Tetris" and moved things around so that a) we could set up Flipper's dresser/changing table, and b) made space for his P*ck N' Pl*y in our bedroom. We actually ordered it, along with some sheets, B*rt's B**s baby products, newborn wipes, and a baby healthcare kit...the entire order was virtually free thanks to some gift certificates we earned with our credit card. I am a big fan of such programs.

I also went to the grocery store for baby laundry detergent, so now I can officially start the fun part of nesting: bringing stuff up from the basement and setting up Flipper's little area. I'm superstitious about doing it, but I am also dying to do it.

So here is Flipper's dresser, perfect for our little dolphin boy. It's a gift from my mom. (My dad gave us the giant stuffed dolphin.)


calliope said...

so exciting! It is getting close. woo hoo

*G* said...

cute dresser/changing table - we love our combo unit, too because it's such a space saver!

maeby said...

Love this dresser; Flipper is one lucky, little guy. And hoorah for nesting!

fostermama said...

Ooh, that's a great changing table/dresser!!
Where did you find it?
We love ours, but it's possible we'll decide to replace it for #2 because the drawers come apart pretty frequently. Fostermommy's been glueing them back together, so maybe they'll stay, maybe not.

And ours isn't as cool looking. :)

Lo said...

I should have said this in the post: the dresser is from roommagic (; they have adorable theme furniture. It can be expensive but was on sale for a reasonable price when Grandmom bought it.

(admittedly a lot of the themes are annoyingly gendered, but we love the Tropical Seas stuff)

amanda said...

That dresser is adorable!

EggDropBlogger said...

How exciting.I love the dresser and I love the dolphin. I am happy for ya'll!