Monday, November 19, 2007

Teenagers, Gender, and Impatience

When I come home right after work (I'm a teacher), I share the subway with hordes of middle and high school students making their commute. Overheard today: "Every time you see a rainbow, God is having gay sex."


At my latest Hebrew tutoring gig this evening, a group of sixth graders, one of my students was fondling her cell phone. After a few minutes I realized she was continually texting while she was working. I asked her who she was texting. I was pretty much assuming it was, you know, her BFF Jill (the first time she texted I thought maybe it was her mom...but not when it became constant). She smiled sweetly at me and replied, "My boyfriend."



My great-aunt told me she is working on an afghan for Flipper. I was very touched by this, especially since neither Co nor I have any living grandparents, so she is one of a very few links to that generation. She made us a gorgeous afghan for our wedding. A few days ago she emailed me to check on the due date. I replied that he was due Dec. 6, and she wrote back, "Oh, no! I thought it was a girl! I'll have to start over!" (Apparently she had begun a pink afghan.) I assured her that we absolutely do not mind a pink afghan.

My mom called tonight because my great-aunt is still, apparently, extremely worried about giving Flipper a pink afghan. Together they came up with a workable plan that alternates blue and pink; through mom, I sent the okay for this.

I can't imagine why she thought Flipper was a girl; I've sent her at least two emails specifying that he was a boy. Great-Aunt made a blue, pink, and white afghan for Nephew S. because she wasn't sure of his sex (though my sister did tell). So why did she assume the *wrong* sex for Flipper?

Co thinks maybe she figured that since we're lesbians, it had to be a girl. Where would the Y chromosome come from?


I vacillate between wanting a little more time before Flipper's birth, and being impatient to meet him. I do want to get my students a little farther; I want to be the one to start the Stone Age unit; really, there is *no one* else who gets excited about early hominids the way I do. The good news is that my replacement is lined up (she currently works as a paraprofessional in my classroom) and it's been approved that I can use my buttload of accumulated sick days to take off about two months to stay home with Co and Flipper.

The arrivals from our childbirth class add to my impatience, though their due dates were all significantly before ours. The three couples left are all December dates.

Of course, I have no control over the situation, and in reality we probably have *at least* two weeks to go. Probably more like three or four. So my sense that he could come any day is misplaced.

I just can't wait to see what this little guy looks like and hold him in my arms.


charlotte said...

go out on some dates. REALLY. go see movies at night. eat out. rent movies. go do some very not kid friendly activities. vibrator store? go for walks alone and hold hands. make out. DO IT.

Holly said...

awww, I can't wait for you to hold him in your arms either!
I agree with Charlotte 100% - give you two some alone time. It will be hard to do it again when the little guy arrives.

And I am still giggling about the "where would the Y chromosome come from..." LOL!!!

MD Baby Maker said...

I check your page to see when flipper arrives. Ihope he come when you both want him to. I like reading these success stories more and more the longer I am TTC. Good luck!

*G* said...

It's funny, because when I was still pregnant and I would look at our ultrasounds pictures, I could not at all imagine/determine what Mater was going to look like. But now that she's here, I can totally look at the ultrasound pictures and see so much of her facial features and her expressions, especially the one where she's sleeping with her mouth wide open as she appeared in a couple of pictures. Can't wait to see what your little guy looks like, too!

And yes. Dates. Lots of Dates!! And soon! I thought for sure Mater would be late, but no. One week early! So excited for you two!