Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Life's Minor Annoyances

A) My sister has started a parenting blog. Of *course*, the plan was to do so on their very own family website, with their very own blog software. (Who would do less?) But since they've been a mite busy since the birth of our nephew, she's using a standard blogging site instead. (Oh, the humanity.)

So if you want to read wide-eyed proclamations about a perfect baby who is genetically related to both of his parents and conceived through an act of love on the first try...email me and I'll, uh, send you the link.

B) One of my students was suspended last week (today was the last blissfully peaceful day of her suspension) for biting a classmate. She claims that his arm was near her mouth and she accidentally bit him. Like, accidentally opened her mouth and closed it again, hard enough to leave marks.

I teach SEVENTH GRADE, people.

I must close by saying that despite these complaints, I am feeling much, much, much better than I have in a long time. This break was good for both of us, we are both so much less stressed now that we are not mulling over the daily growth of Co's follicles. Really, I trust that they are growing, no need to peek in quite so often. And I am excited to be trying out the frozen swimmers on my own. I had a chat about the details with our fuzzy lesbian sperm bank. I've never heard someone sound so awed when speaking of the cervix. Really, she choked up. I am enjoying this sort of personalized guidance that feels like it's about being in tune with Co's body and listening to her, rather than manipulating, poking, and prodding. I may feel differently if/when it doesn't work. And the current plan is to go back to the RE. But....the difference matters a lot more than I realized it would.


J said...

Woah. For the student/sister things. And, I'm really glad that you've found something to be excited about in this process.

Playing with the tank is fun, too.

Just sayin'

charlotte said...

I love that fuzzy sperm bank. Aren't they nice and female body positive? I also got a cervix is great speech frmo one of them. I am SUPER happy to hear that you are involved in the process again. And hey, sometimes these things work, at home.

Calliope said...

SO glad that you are taking charge. I always wish I could have tried a home insem -- but I just couldn't see asking GM to help, if you know what I mean ;-)

e. said...

I am so glad that trying at home has been such a great expereince. It really is great that you felt invovled. And I bet the lack of medical attention was wonderful for CO.

I also L O V E that sperm bank. They are great, now if only the sperm were cheaper....

Sophia said...

bleah on the sister

OMG on your students sigh i miss working with youth

if only that bank had a Puerto Rican in the bunch

Adriana Velez said...

Hey, glad the break was good for you. I'm crossing my fingers for the new swimmers -- go, guys, go! Or should I say, go, egg, go! Be aggressive and pick the best swimmer!

Um, sister has a newborn baby AND still has time to blog? Whatever. Would it be evil of me to wish colic on her? ;)