Sunday, January 28, 2007

Belated Photo Friday: Unique Body Parts

I (Lo) remember writing about two of my unique body parts, back in the day before we had our digital camera. So now I present, for your viewing pleasure:

Mismatched Thumbs. I don't know why, but they look entirely different. And no, I never mashed one of them in a car door...The short one looks like my mom's thumbs, and the taller one looks like my dad's thumbs, so they joked that I got one from each parent.

Lo's Mismatched Thumbs

Sunflower Eyes. I have a yellow ring around my pupils. My sister has it, too. Co calls them my sunflower eyes.

Lo's Sunflower Eye

Maggie presents to you all her hairless dachshund belly (the vet calls it dachshund pattern baldness; not sure if she was kidding).

Maggie's Hairless Belly


Sophia said...

cute, beautiful and way too cute!

Calliope said...

I have those same thumbs!!
must be where our super power comes from, eh?

Blondie said...

Hi! Thanks for sending Steve along!

Ju. said...

too cute! i just love wiener dogs!

Lyla said...

My daughter is 12 and just recently realized that her thumbs are totally different. Upon closer inspection, we too found that one is like mine and the other like my husband's. We're researching this and not finding a lot of info. Any idea what per cent of the population this occurs in? Pretty unique, to say the least. Lyla

doggie7585 said...

OMG!! MY thumbs look exactly like that! I have always been so self-conscious about the smaller one and utterly mortified if anyone noticed and happened to comment. It's good to know I'm not the only one!