Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tales from the Inseminatrix

Well, the deed is done!

There is a great deal of advice and information out there about how to inseminate at home, much of it conflicting. We decided to go with our bank's recommendations, which included doing one insem immediately after getting a positive OPK, and the second one 12 hours later. (Many folks say to wait 12 hours for the first one.) They also suggested that Co start doing 2 OPKs a day, one around noon and one around 5 or 6 in the evening. I was tempted to leave school early to rush home if she got a positive mid-day, but I can leave legitimately at 3 so we decided that 3-4 hours later wouldn't be a big deal.

She hit a positive yesterday afternoon, so I booked home right after school. We thawed the babyjuice and went to work. I used Preseed to make sure I got all of the sperm out of the vials (a suggestion from Melody). It was a really pleasant, warm, close experience. We cuddled and watched T.V. while Co kept her hips elevated for an hour afterwards (not really necessary to do it for that long). Then we spent the rest of the evening relaxing and ordering in dinner.

We got up this morning at 6am to do it again. Maggie was very cooperative both times, though this morning she did get excited to have Co lying still for so long and and give her Mama C a lot of kisses. So now we're officially in the TWW!!

There was no fish this time (since the only fish tank we have is Fish Tycoon on Co's computer) so I think this is the Dachshund Try. It's our only chance to have our good-luck doxie around while we insem (since even our try with KD was out of town, in a hotel). We were also watched by a variety of stuffed animals, including a Serta sheep, Cookie Monster, and my Cabbage Patch Kid from 1984.

I know it may not work. Co keeps reminding me there's an 8% chance. I just can't help but be hopeful about such a loving experience.


Melody said...

I'm glad you guys had such a good experience. Even though our home insem wasn't the one that did it for us, I think it renewed our commitment to the goal and made us feel like we were working together on this, even though I'm the one who will carry our child. I hope this is the one for you.

e. said...

Oh that sounded so nice. It reminded me of how lovely it used to be to do it at home. You've inspired me to be open to trying at home now and again.

Who knows, maybe a little Maggie love will seal the deal.

Jen said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience.

I hope the TWW flies by!!

CD & SP said...

Bottoms up! I hope this is the one for you and will be watching because we are cycling together this month. It's nice to have a cycle buddy. Good luck!

Calliope said...

crossing fingers!
hurrah for the "Maggie cycle"

Holly said...

Good luck!
It sounds like a great (maybe perfect) attempt this month!
We're keeping our fingers crossed for you!

charlotte said...

What a wonderful way to reconnect and feel positive. How super it will be if it works for you this way. I hope you have a decent TWW...and I'm sending you lots of love and good wishes.

Gretch said...

The one cycle that worked for us is the one that Jen, not Dr. Clomid, was able to send the swimmers on their way, so I am a firm believer in loving partners having a primary role as a factor that yields positive results!

Hooray for the Maggie cycle!

FosterMommy said...

How could you guys *not* have a Dachshund Try?
Just no Cabbage Patch Kid Try, okay?

And, hey, forget the just need one little spermy to hit the mark. It's either 100% or 0%. :) I'm hopin' for 100%.

Glad you had fun. Fun is Good.

Tamsin said...

Awww, lovely!
Glad for a re-affirming ttc experience, and let's hope that it's the one that works xxxx

three minute palaver said...

Yay for the loving Dachshund cycle. I have all fingers and toes crossed for you. I hope this is the one that sticks.

J said...

The thing I loved most about our "at home tries" was the closeness, and warmth that L describes. It may be the only thing I really miss about trying.

Fingers crossed for you guys!!

charlotte said...

How are you guys? We need an update. When is test day, or are you going to wait for your period? It feels like you should be well into week two, but it has been like 2 days.