Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Taking the Plunge

I just ordered almost a thousand dollars worth of swimmers for a home insemination.

This might be a crazy move, but we've decided we want to do it.

It's been a while since we made plans to insem via the vajayjay. Please, give suggestions for insem technique, as well as any low-stress suggestions for Co in increasing fertile mucus.

Stories of this working are welcome as well...


Co said...

Actually, it feels less crazy to me since I just got a several thousand dollar check for an extra project I did months ago with the sperm fund in mind. So, the sperm fund has extra funds, thanks to my extra project and Lo's weekly tutoring contributions.

If it turns out to be a waste, so be it. I am past trying to control all of this mishigas.

And hey... no hoo-ha bullets, no ultrasounds, no IUI... it's been a banner month, no matter what happens.

charlotte said...

I found home insems with frozen sperm very difficult without an IUI catheter (you know the skinnier thing that fits onto the end of the syringe). You can't buy them but our doctor sold us some. Without that I found that it was hard to guide the syringe to her cervix. I know that places say you should not use a speculum/syringe combo, but the frozen guys have no semen to protect them so I wanted to get them right on her cervix and right into the cervical fluid, then leave the speculum in for a while to give them a chance to swim in before scooping it all out when the speculum was removed. I don't necessarily suggest this for fresh sperm, but it made me feel better with frozen. But obviously it did not work for us. But still. Does that make sense?

I'm excited for you to do it this way!

Sophia said...

if you want to help the boys along I can give you my last remaining packet of pre-seed.

defrost vial in your hand. more reliable than trying to gauge what warm water is. too warm it might kill them

don't shake the vial much.

elevate hips rotate body (on back, on each side on stomach) and have a non-penetrative orgasm.

you can do anything that relaxes you or just turn on the tv and escape.

vee said...

Plenty of water and green tea for the EWCM. I've tried expectorant cough syrup too, which seemed to work, but it felt wrong somehow!

Good luck with it!

Married Lesbian Mom said...

Robitussin makes CM wonderful. Big "O" after and relax with legs up for 30 mins. Good luck. I really hope this is the one!!

Gretch said...

Exciting news! No tips to offer, just a lot of good wishes!

e. said...

Good for you!

It is wonderful to hear talk about throwing catution to the wind and following your heart.

Good luck at home.

Melody said...

We've just done the one at home insemination, and we were kind of in a hurry because we knew our window was closing, so I had a really hard time relaxing. I was on Clomid, so no CM. I was really thankful for the Pre-seed and would recommend it.