Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Best Valentine's Gift Ever

My Game Girl

Co got me this for Valentine's Day. Admittedly, she gave it to me on Saturday. One of Co's more adorable traits is that she cannot *wait* to give presents. Waiting for an actual birthday, or Christmas/Chanukah, or even Valentine's Day, is a trial for her that often ends in early gifting. She does not want her own gifts early, mind you...she just loves to give, especially when she knows she has a winner.

Also, she rationalized (correctly) that it was much better to give me this toy on a Saturday when I could play with it all. weekend. long. than on a Wednesday night when I would just stay up all. night. long.

Do you other children of the '80s recognize those characters (who all look kinda constipated; they're pulling up vegetables, the better to kill bad guys with)? We got a Nintendo (just plain "Nintendo") in 1989 when I was 15 and, except for an occasional rental, pretty much only owned the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt cartridge that came with the game. I have fond, fond memories of Mario. And Luigi...I was usually Luigi.

Luigi because, in fact, the Nintendo belonged to my 11-year-old sister, so she had claim to Mario. My parents were completely against video games (we didn't even have computer games, except for Lemonade Stand and a very early, all-text version of The Legend of Zelda). So my sister saved her pennies for the $100 system. Aside from the obvious parental objections to video games, they were convinced that the costly purchase would keep my sister entertained for a few days at most, then fall by the wayside.

She STILL has that classic Nintendo, and hooks it up from time to time (like when I visit, and when she can get her husband to unhook the X-Box). And I still have the Cabbage Patch Kid I paid $43.20 of my own money for after my mother refused to spend that much for a doll in which I would just lose interest.

Is the lesson here that our parents were wrong, or that spending our own money made us cherish these items? I'm not sure. But I love Co to pieces, and I am having a ball chucking vegetables at bad guys. (Yes, I know, that's not classic Mario; but I've already ordered it.)

I have a pretty awesome gift for Co, too, but you'll just have to wait to hear about it, because I am going to stand on ceremony and present it to her tonight, while we're here.


Clare said...

Are you sure you aren't an 8 year old boy? Mine loves his nintendo - but I only let him have 45 mins in any day! Seriously - how cool a girl do you have!

Estelle said...

So did you get the Game Boy, or just the game?
I have Mario 1 and 3 for GB, but not 2. I also have Dr. Mario (love it!) and Yoshi's Island (love that too!) in addition to boring non mario games.
Two years ago she bought me a Super Nintendo, and I didn't unplug MYSELF from it for days. Unfortunately, we no longer have the original. But I do still have a Sega Game Gear!

Hmmm.... now I want to go hook up my video games and play... darn you!

FosterMommy said...

That's so cool!
I feel so second thought after "I SO want one of those!" was "I'd get an RSI in my thumbs in no time flat!" Boo.
I hope you have fun, fun, fun and don't forget to get off the subway at your stop!

Co said...

Lo's gift to me was Season 1 of the Sopranos on DVD. I am amused that the unofficial theme of our V-Day Gifts this year was, apparently, "promoting Italian-American stereotypes."

Tony Soprano vs. Mario... Can you see it? Mario hurling a big turnip while Tony whips out a gun? Who would get whacked in that confrontation? The world may never know.