Monday, February 05, 2007

Photo Monday: Sofa with Obligatory Dachshund

We have many, many cute pictures of Maggie on our sofa, so I just chose a favorite. We call this "blankethead."

Here I must admit that our "sofa" is a futon. Real adulthood, I think, is having a couch. The futon cover is the second one we've had, since Maggie ripped the old one in several places with her digging behaviors. The blanket she's wrapped in is one of two lovely, soft blankets that my mom brought home from a trip to India. I initially said, let's keep these for us and not let Maggie take them over.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. (But we are still allowed to use them.)

And the afghan whose corner you can just see was a homemade wedding gift from my Great-Aunt Shirley.

Blanket Head

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Calliope said...

awwwwww. she looks so cute!