Saturday, February 10, 2007

Photo Friday: Favorite Places

It's been a tough week here at The Family O, and I'm grateful to Cali for the diversion of Photo Friday. Especially a happy topic like this one!

One of the many things that Co and I share is our love of the beach. We both feel at home by the ocean, love to dodge the waves and lie in the sun. Co grew up going to the Jersey Shore; I, to Cape Cod. We've gone on many beach vacations to different locales: a few towns on the Jersey Shore, Topsail Island (in North Carolina), Fire Island, and this summer our honeymoon in the Virgin Islands. We even fantasize about someday living by the shore.

Of course, being The Family O, the beach pictures will include gratuitous dachshund cuteness. She has accompanied us on most of our trips, and also enjoys the beach: digging in the sand, chasing bubbles in the waves, and just soaking up the sun.

Here she is chasing bubbles in the surf on Fire Island:

Maggie Chases Bubbles

Here she is enjoying one of the many dog-friendly beaches in Cape May:

Maggie in Cape May

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art-sweet said...

Beautiful pix... I'm sorry it's been such a crappy week :(