Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Photo Friday Extra: 8th Grade Hair

So many folks offered up their bad 80s hair that I made the effort to dig up a photo. I escaped many of the most common 80s hair tragedies because my hair is naturally extremely curly. The LAST thing I would ever have done is get a perm (I shudder to think) or tease it up high. I did use a lot of hairspray in my attempts to keep it flat (which you can see in this photo with the bangs and the top) and I was guilty of sporting the side ponytail into the early 90s. (Though I did eventually graduate to a scrunchie as opposed to the shoelace in this pic.)

Lo in 8th Grade

I believe those are the bangs I cut myself, though I assure you, they have grown out some from their original state. As for the glasses, well, I don't think kids today know how easy they have it with those child-sized frames.


calliope said...

ahhhhh, the side pony, nice.
funny- I also did the shoelace in the hair thing. Was that an over all 80's style statement??

Trista said...

I think we had the exact same pair of glasses.

I swore to myself: my child shall always have cute glasses with appropriately sized frames so help me if I have to eat top ramen noodles for every single, solitary meal to pay for it. Let our suffering not be in vain.

charlotte said...

dude. nice side pony!!!!!!!!! totally made my day.