Sunday, February 25, 2007

Photo Friday Extra: Bedroom Videos

I managed to get some video of the most exciting things that go on in our bedroom.

No, you's all about the weiner dog.

Maggie on her stairs:

Maggie and her water glass:


FosterMommy said...

That's very cute.

However, I can't believe I just spent 27 seconds of my life watching a video of a dog drinking from a glass. :) I'm sure, in person, it would have been worth it. :)

veeandjay said...

Does she always drink from a glass? We have a friend whose cat will ONLY drink from a pint glass. Cute!

Calliope said...

I hope that glass was set out just for her!
Talula is glass curious. She doesn't drink from them, but she is a big sniffer.

p.s. hurrah for videos!

Melissa said...

I hope that glass was meant for Maggie. I have two cats that just love to put there heads all the way down into the cup and then scare the crap out of themselves when they get to liquid. Then you see cat fly up off the endtable and cup falling to the carpet along with fruit punch drink. Lovely.

Lo said...

To clarify, since so many asked: yes, that is Maggie's water glass. It was set out for her, however, precisely because of her habit of drinking out of our water glasses when we have them on the nightstands (too lazy to get off the bed and go to her water dish).

Once she drank out of Co's glass only to find that it was seltzer. Oh, the look on her face!