Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Telling

The Fonaholics asked "Who are you telling first?" Well, we've already told...the entire blogosphere, a handful of close friends, and my immediate family.

Now comes telling everyone else. I've really been looking forward to it, and I have to say, I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

The first person I told yesterday was my principal, NewBoss. I had just found out (via IM) that the nuchal results were in. And she's been very generous with me this year, letting me leave early for IUIs and ultrasounds without even asking why. She was very excited, hugged me and said "Mazel tov!" and told me some school gossip. (I teach in a K-8 school and I pretty much stay in my 7-8 middle school bubble, so I am often out of the school social gossip loop. Actual school-related gossip is another story.) Apparently 5 of the female teachers are currently trying to get pregnant or starting soon, and a 6th is trying to adopt, so they've been talking half-seriously about the competition for the five spaces in our school's on-site daycare. I imagine they didn't think of me, both because I don't really hang out with them -- because of the middle school thing, and because, honestly, they're the kind of women who carry cute expensive purses and straighten their hair, and I'm, uh, not -- and because I probably appear as reproductively challenged as my menopausal colleagues with grown children. Well, as it turns out, I lapped them ALL, and will easily snag one of the coveted spots in The Village (as in, "it takes a village"; how cute is that). One small step for a lesbian...

Then I saw my cousin D. on IM -- she moved to New York City a few years ago when she graduated from college and we've had the chance to get to know her better, and she has been privy to much of our journey. She responded thusly:

Lo (5:18:49 PM): I have something to tell yoU!
Cousin D. (5:19:11 PM): oh really!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!
Lo (5:19:13 PM): yes!!!!
Cousin D. (5:19:14 PM): WHAT?!
Cousin D. (5:19:16 PM): I'M EXCITED!
Lo (5:19:19 PM): Co is pregnant
Lo (5:19:24 PM): she is due December 5
Cousin D. (5:19:41 PM): OMIGOSH I WAS HOPING U'D SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say that was a feel-good reaction. Finally, we dropped by my friend's dad's house on our way out for celebratory Mexican food, and told him. (I fed his cats over the weekend so I was returning the key. I lived with him for two summers in college, my first adult time here in the Big Apple, and I've known him since I was four, so he is like family.)

Co and I sent email to our various friends and family last night, and the responses have moved me. These are really the times I have to force myself to remember when I'm feeling family and community may be far-flung but their love is forceful. We've gotten two offers of free babysitting, an offer for a doggie therapist for Maggie, a request from my great-aunt to let her know what color the booties should be. We heard from our rabbi, the rabbi who married us, my beloved colleagues from three cities and three decades worth of radio shows, and relatives from three countries. Right now Co is on the phone telling a cousin of mine all about Nerdy Science Guy.

It's good. It's just really, really, really good.


S. said...

Yay! And yay for on-site preschool, whatever the competitive idiocy.

vee said...

Happy happy!

maeby said...

This post gave me chills. The happy, warm fuzzy kind. Hoorah!

FosterMommy said...

I'm so happy for you guys. You deserve all the lovin' and well-wishes and I'm glad they're being given.
And I'm glad we don't have to keep our traps shut anymore!

Jude said...

Hooray! Telling people is so much fun! :)

Shelli said...


(Which Shul do you go to? - You can e-mail me privately on that one if you like...)

calliope said...

hurrah for the telling!

oneofhismoms said...

Hold the phone. Did you say ONSITE DAYCARE? Can I give my principal your principal's phone number?

I loved telling everyone. Enjoy.

Mo said...

This post just brought tears to my eyes. So much joy!

Melody said...

Yay! Word verification is working again, and I can finally leave my comment.

I'm really glad that family is being so happy and supportive. Another huge stressor down.