Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home Again Home Again

We're back!

A longer post about our time in CA will come in a day or two. Here are some teasers:

*The training I attended is for a program called S.E.E.D. It's really meaningful, delves deeply into issues of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and other such forms of oppression. A rare opportunity to really recharge my batteries as a teacher. I'll be happy to share info with anyone who's interested!

*We had a great time visiting cousins from both sides of my family. We partook of fun tourist crap in S@n Fr@n and hung out with my two endearingly teenaged cousins in P@lo Alto. Then we went south to see my first cousin (my only one) near S@nta Cruz. She has two kids, 5 and almost 2, and they are too adorable and delightful. 5-year-old S. was really excited about her cousin Flipper, and even introduced Co's belly to her playdate ("Slipper" in S-speak).

*We had lollaberries for the first time. Anyone know what these are? They were really, really yummy. The little cousins picked them and the grownups made lollaberry crisp.

*We got to see Charlotte and LM, if briefly.

*Even though I said I would wait 'til I got home to pick up HP7, I broke down on the evening of 7/21 and called bookstores in P@lo Alto until I found one that had copies left and was still open. I'm not proud that it was a chain, but you do what you have to. (We finally get to see the movie tomorrow!!)


Melody said...

Glad you're home safe. It sounds like it was a fantastic trip.

e. said...

sounds like an amazing trip. i am jelous!

did peggy macintosh do part of the training? i would imagine most things associated with her woud be pretty amazing!

A said...

I'm taking note of "SEED" for when I'm teaching and looking for professional development opps. It looks amazing!

Robin said...

We just got back from California too, but we were in Southern Cal. Love it! --Robin (the Other Mother)

Lo said...

E, yes, Peggy was there, and she is just as amazing as I imagined. I will be excited to talk to you and A about it!!!

oneofhismoms said...

Welcome home!