Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Photo Very Very Late: Fun in the Sun

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This topic was meant for us, since Co and I love the beach. Truly love. We are both serious worshipers of the ocean, and love to ride the waves. (Though we also enjoy lying on the sand with a stack of books.)

Last summer we took a belated honeymoon (our wedding was in 2005) to a wonderful, LOO retreat in St. Cr*ix. This picture is of the beach literally in the backyard of the resort. Click on the picture to see the rest of the set.

The Beach in our Backyard

We seriously recommend this place if anyone is looking for a place to go in the Caribbean. The prices are extremely reasonable (it's the airfare to the USVI that made the honeymoon a splurge).

Here are some pictures that show our long history of beach-going. We are both two in these pictures; Co's (the first picture, with dark hair) is at Wildwood on the Jersey Shore, mine is probably on Cape Cod though I'm not certain.

Finally, here is a bonus pic, of Maggie at the beach. Oh, you thought we'd go a Photo Friday with no Maggie pix, did you? Fear not. Maggie also loves the beach. She's not such a fan of the waves, but as I've noted elsewhere, she loves to dig, run on the beach, chase birds and the bubbles in the ocean, and of course, scavenge for gross things to eat. Here she is in Cape M@y, where we hope to go later this summer. It's a great spot for dog-friendly beaches!
Maggie in Cape May


oneofhismoms said...

A few things:
1. Cakie's going to Wildwood and he's going to turn two whoile he's there!
2. Cute pictures.
3. We should totally go to the beach. If I take Cakie, you guys could practice having a toddler at the beach. ;) It is coming sooner than you could imagine.

calliope said...

cute photos!

I totally missed this week's photo friday. I think the last vacation I had was maybe the convention?? sheesh

marci said...

Hey Ladies!
Just have to share. The photo of Maggie and the hedgehog... That is one of Jen's products her company sells!!! How cool is that!? Scooter has one too and he loves it!

vee said...

Ahhh bliss - how I wish I was there as the heavens open here on our back garden once more. I've been totally slack and not even posted a beach pic, OR a new theme for this week. Shameful!