Sunday, July 29, 2007

Photo Friday: Pink

It's been too long since I participated in Photo Friday! I don't really have a lucky charm. And I'm not sure what my favorite T-shirt is. (Co did give me one with three dachshund back-ends and the caption "Nothing BUTT doxies!")

I present to you my little cousin S.:

Little Rock Climber 2

She is 5, and her favorite color is pink. This is not the pinkest outfit she wore while we were there. Apparently it's a new, and socially-influenced phase; her favorite color used to be green. My sister was obsessed with pink from the age of 2 or 3 and S. reminds me of her...the nursery school teacher even took my mom aside to ask her to put my sister in less frilly clothes, so she could get dirty and play outside...and my mom had to explain that she could not get my sister into anything BUT pink frilly dresses.

1 comment:

oneofhismoms said...

Pink? Photo Friday is pink? Yeesh. I really don't like that color. Never did. I was always a red fan, myself.

But she's cute!