Monday, July 16, 2007

Notes from Northern CA

I write this from the dorm room that I'm sharing with another participant in a week-long staff development training. We're being housed at a boarding school in Marin County. Even I have to appreciate the Nature of the place, it's really quite beautiful. (I'm always struck that different parts of the country, and of the world, have distinctly different scents based on the vegetation.)

I will write more about the training when I get home because educators, you must get this into your schools. Amazing, amazing stuff. (But for now I'll be vague so as not to betray my exact whereabouts.) For now I'll say this: it's the first multicultural training I've been to that is truly integrated, probably half white and half folks of color. There's also diversity in terms of gender, sexual orientation, and class to some degree. Several black men have commented on how great it is to be with other black men who are engaged in the process. How often do you hear that?? Good stuff.

A final nerdly note: I've never been successful in listening to the radio on an airplane, but for some reason, it worked on the trip out here. I could have sworn that in the past I've only gotten static.

Anyway, I listened to my walkperson all the way across the country. I heard local stations as we rose above New York...then Lancaster, PA...then Harrisburg...then Ohio...then Illinois...then Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming stations all came in at once (that Four Corners thing)...then Utah (hi,Chicory!)...Nevada...Sacramento...and finally San Francisco.

I found this to be amazingly cool. I hope I can do it on the way home.


Trista said...

Lo, honey, are you telling me that Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming are the 4 corners? You got one of those right...

So many fly OVER Utah, so few actually stop. *sigh*

Which station did you get out of Utah? I hope it was a good one!

oneofhismoms said...

That's great to hear about the program and the diversity there. In my diversity ed class in NYC, the professor actually said that Chinese kids study all the time and that's why they are not represented on sitcoms. So, you know, that class pretty much sucked. Tell me more about it when you get home.

I never thought to do that radio thing. Cool. Nerdy-cool.

Holly said...

Just dropping in to say Happy Birthday (a day early).

Holly said...

Happy B-day to Co. But you knew that. ;-)

e. said...

Lo - are you ever coming home to give us the update?!

oneofhismoms said...

I MISS YOU GUYS! Happy birthday, Co. Come home soon.

Did I mention I tagged you for a meme ? Again? (sorry!)