Friday, August 24, 2007

Photo Friday: Show & Tell

I'll start with Co, because she has the coolest thing to show: her bump! At six months in, she is really looking pregnant. This picture is from 23 weeks 4 days (note our lovely B & B in the background):

Belly Shot 23w4d

I, however, have undergone a mild makeover to assuage my pain at going back to school, so I present to you my newly purple toes, and touched-up auburn hair:

Lo's purple toes

Lo's Auburn Hair

We're off now for a whirlwind weekend baby tour: Nephew S., Squeak, and Gus.


Mo said...

Beautiful belly, toe nail, and hair! Best wishes on going back to school.

calliope said...

da bump!!

both of you gals are looking lovely.


Melody said...

I have been dying to see the belly but afraid it would be rude to demand a pic. :)

Thanks for finally ponying up!

And LOVE the hair.

oneofhismoms said...

The bump and the hair -- both fabulous!

charlotte said...

You guys are looking SWEET.

EggDropBlogger said...

You go, girls! The bump is the rage these days.


The Fonaholics said...

I LOVE getting pretty toes, love love love it when i am feeling a bit blah, cheers me right up. Love your baby bump girls!!!