Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

*Stayed at the most wonderful, friendly, pet-friendly B & B. Seriously, I recommend this place for anyone remotely nearby (C*pe M*y).

*Went to the beach. A lot. In our family, people and canines alike enjoy the beach. (The black lab is my mom's dog, Buster.)

*Saw dolphins. Also a lot. Over 500 dolphins from North Carolina spend the summer months in C*pe M*y. You can see them daily from the beach, and you can go on a dolphin watch boat. The captain of this particular boat tells all his passengers how poorly dolphins fare in captivity (they survive only 5 years, as opposed to 50 in the wild) and urges us to see them in the Atlantic, their natural habitat. It's truly amazing and we could do it every day. The dolphins love the boat; they play in the wake and seem to show off for their audience. Here's the best video I got of their antics.

You can see many other local sights from the boat, as well.

*Spent a few days with my mom, which were mostly pleasant. (She always talks about joining us on our beach vacation, so I didn't think much of it when she brought it up. Imagine my surprise when she followed through!)

*Zipped over to Wildwood to see Oneofhismoms, partner A., and the ever adorable Cakie. We played mini-golf (complete with annoying singing pelicans), admired the baby on the beach, and dug big holes.

*Watched Maggie hunt a mussel. Yes, she hunted a mussel. She is so weird. Something about the scent must have triggered the same instinct that causes her to hunt domesticated hamsters (to her credit, she has hunted and killed two mice). Note the instinctual pawing, snapping, and jumping back. Clearly she has something to fear from this particular prey.

*Played skee-ball and other boardwalk games. I played Whack-A-Mole (actually the version of the game was whacking alligators) because, I maintain, it is just like teaching.

*Ate lots of great fish, ice cream, fudge, and other beach food.

*Brought home delicious Jersey produce. Jersey tomatoes & peaches...mmmm...


Sunshine4MySky said...

Will definitely be checking out more of cape may now that i read this... thank you so much! i always want to find some quaint peaceful place to take me and mine for a romantic get a way.

oneofhismoms said...

Thank goodness you captured those pelicans for all eternity. Now I can look at them whenever I want to get annoyed!

You forgot to mention how we made a tunnel connecting our holes. But now I know why. It sounds dirty.

Wack-a-mole like teaching? serious LMFAO

Holly said...

ahhhh...the Jersey shore!
Sounds like you had a blast!

That B&B looks wonderful!