Monday, September 17, 2007

Last Minute Advice on Doulas

We have our first meeting with a potential doula tomorrow afternoon. What should we ask?? (My pregnancy organizer does not have a checklist of doula questions. I am at sea.)

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Emory Student Midwife said...

Questions to ask your doula that you may find helpful:

- How do you feel about working with a lesbian couple?
- How do you feel about our birth wishes/desires? (You could include your biggest concerns/birth wishes here so that the doula knows what you two are expecting from the experience.)
- Have you done any births with our particular hospital/birth center/healthcare provider?
- What tools would you bring with you to the birth?
- What books/resources/materials do you have to provide us with additional information?

I hope this is helpful. If you have any other questions, let me know :)

nycphoenix said... (a PDF file is in there somewhere)

Jude said...

The doula we ended up choosing told us to "meet a bunch of people and then choose the person you think you would be most able to be stuck in a disabled elevator with for hours and hours."

Best advice I ever got. It worked.