Friday, September 28, 2007

Photo Friday: Fingers

So this is probably one of our weirdest Photo Friday endeavours. (Well. Maybe not if you consider the dog in the bra shot.)

I set out to take a picture of finger puppets, showcasing both Co's and my fingers. The puppets are mine from childhood; in the apartment I lived in as a toddler, I am told, I used the kitchen pass-through as a stage for my finger puppets.

Then Maggie jumped up on the futon and became a part of the shoot. So I present to you Ernie, Grover, and Maggie Mae:

Finger Puppets

(I'm got Ernie on my finger, and you can see my misshapen thumb. "Hammer thumbs" remains the top search term on this blog, so here you go, finger voyeurs, another reference and another peek. Yeah, we're lesbians who made a baby, but what's the real freak show? My thumbs!!!)


Last week, the Photo Friday theme was buttons, and Co commented that she was surprised I hadn't participated. "You love buttons," she pointed out. Um, I do? I replied.

Oh. THOSE buttons.

Yeah, I have a pretty extensive button collection. Somehow I didn't make the cognitive leap. Here are some highlights:

A little 80s humor:

No Nukes...

Old political buttons. The one on the left has taken on a whole new meaning. I'm curious to see if anyone recognizes the one on the right:

Political Buttons

And just for laughs:

Funny Buttons


Jen said...

I do recognize it at some deep, dusty level. But I can't place it for sure. Dukakis?

FosterMommy said...

Duke, Duke, Duke...Duke of Mass, Mass, Mass!

Emory Student Midwife said...

I love how you all include Maggie in your pics!! It makes me feel like a bad momma cause I haven't taken any recent pics of my two devious dachshunds. Mebbe I will this weekend. Right now they're sleeping at my feet. Love.

Lo said...

Yay, Jen!!

All right, fostermommy, you get two points (and you know it). I would still vote for him. Sigh.

e.s.m., yes! Take pix and post them! Nothing is cuter than a doxie (unless it's two doxies).

marci said...

Hey those finger puppets totally remind me of my childhood! Those things rock!

lagiulia said...

It's gotta be Dukakis. Especially considering the alma mater...

Lo said...

LaG, it's worse than that...I also went to his high school!!

lagiulia said...

Wow. So I guess we could say that you followed in his footsteps. Any plans to run for public office? And lose? Sorry, I couldn't resist.