Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My First Day Of School

Today was the day! I went back last week to set up my classroom, but today brought the children, school in its shiny, vibrating, chaotic form.

I love the first day of school. I always did. I was the kid who looked forward to shopping for school supplies (at W*olworth's of blessed memory). Even now, I love setting up my little drawers of paper clips and glue sticks, sharpening pencils, setting out fresh markers and watercolors. I love using colors to set up my classroom...the labels, the paper, the borders. I had a minor freak-out earlier in the week because when the St*ples order came in, my new Sh*rpies were back-ordered and my red had run out. This meant I could not write the kids' names on their mailboxes in rainbow order. I rallied, however, and chose to write their names in variants of blue and green, to go with my ocean-themed decor this year.

I start the year with a unit on exploring identity (through poetry and other writings), so I traced a small mardi gras mask from a template online and then cut out twenty-three of them in different colors, and wrote each child's name on one.

I'm a little freaky about this stuff.

I sincerely enjoyed meeting my students today. I've been told they are a sweet and, at times, even studious group, and I'm looking forward to a good year with them.

So here, as part of the extended Show & Tell Photo Friday, are some pictures of my classroom. I snapped them this morning before the children messed up my perfectly ordered domain. Click on each picture to see the notes.

Lo's Classroom 3

Lo's Classroom 2

Lo's Classroom 1


Melody said...

Lucky kids. :)

Looks like a fun and satisfying start to the new year.

Melissa said...

You sound like a great teacher!

photo_chiq said...

LOL... little rug rats tore it up in no time eh? At least it was enjoyable to set it up! Its good to hear you have a good bunch this year... Hopefully they all do really well.

calliope said...

looks like a fun classroom.
where to the hamsters hang during the summer?

fostermama said...

Lo, that all looks awesome!
I'm so glad you're so happy with what you do.

What quote did I paint for you? Oddly, I forget.

maeby said...

Sigh ... I always loved prepping for the first day of school as a kid. The possibilities that a brand new empty notebook held were mind-boggling. Even now, I'm such an office supplies whore. I would have salivated with happiness were I to have the pleasure of being a student in your classroom!

Jude said...

It looks wonderful!!

S. said...

Your classroom is gorgeous! Anyone would want to learn there!

marci said...

Hey! I teach Ancient Civilizations too! What grade do you teach?

I guess I'll take pictures of my classroom too... :)

oneofhismoms said...

Gorgeous, dahhling. Gorgeous. Don't you love the interior decorator facet of our jobs?

Woolworths. Sigh.

Lo said...

Thanks for the props!!

Cali, the hamsters go with our science teacher to a day camp where he works. The camp hosts our whole zoo, which includes all manner of rodents (guinea pigs, rats), a wide variety of snakes and lizards, two ferrets, two tarantulas...

Fostermama, the quote is something like, "don't think about what the world needs, think about what makes you alive, because the world needs people who have come alive." you watercolored it beautifully, and I'm thinking of using it as a model for the kids to decorate their own quotes.

Marci, I teach 7th. What civ's do you teach? We definitely have to talk!!