Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Of Blogfriends, Dachshunds, and Jewish Holidays

We met Melody! It's always great to put the words to a face, and we're looking forward to getting together again later in the year. I regret only that she cannot attend Sing-along Buffy with us this weekend (email me if you're interested).


Maggie has had a tough summer. First she had an itchy belly covered with bumps that turned into an infection. The vet thinks it's a skin allergy, so she's had two different shampoo treatments all summer for that (she *hates* baths) plus a round of antibiotics. But the bumps kept coming back. The vet decided to try a hypoallergenic food...right around the time poor Maggie got a case of the squirts. She was on rice and baby food for about a week, but then we finally transitioned her to the new food. No sooner had she firmed up again, but: frequent urination, and blood in her pee. That was scary, but it seems (knock wood) to be a urinary tract infection that is already clearing up with antibiotics. My rockstar Co actually caught a urine sample from our little lowrider.


Tonight begins the celebration of the Jewish New Year (L'shana tovah!). We observed this occasion by going to childbirth class. Before that, we enjoyed a festive meal of greasy Chinese food (our name for fast-food Chinese to distinguish it from the quality place). I am not always the most precisely observant Jew, as much as I might care about the traditions. (And it's not *inappropriate* to celebrate a Jewish holiday with Chinese food...) I am going to services tomorrow, but probably not on Friday, because we are going to civil court to begin our name change process. Both the name change and the childbirth class do not feel inconsistent with the New Year. (More on the name change in a future post...)


vee said...

Sing-a-long-a-Buffy?? Is Melody as sad at missing this unmissable event as she should be? *raises eyebrows*

Poor wee Maggie - may she return to full health soon. You should know that every time jay and I see a dachshund now, we both point and cry "Maggie!" like a couple of oddballs!

And no, I can't believe you're in the third trimester either!!

Emory Student Midwife said...

Ah yes dachshunds and their delicate balance. Graisen had the throw ups awhile ago -- who knew the throw ups quickly turn into the poops...all over. Gross.

Certainly there's something to be said for the dedication of dog owners, especially ones who can manage to catch a urine sample! (Great job!)

Thankfully we've got 2 healthy and spoiled rotten dachshunds. (They are still sleeping in my bed and I'm up!)

calliope said...

sending some much needed love to Maggie.

Happy new year!

charlotte said...

L'shana tovah chicas!

Melissa said...

Poor Maggie. Glad to hear she's slowly on the mend.

Melody said...

I'm devastated to be missing the Buffy sing-a-long. Our *dog* is named Buffy. We're big fans. :) If they're still doing it in October when I'm back there, I might drag you guys back to a second showing. I think Vanessa will be with me, btw.

I need details on how Co caught the urine sample. That has to be a good story. Buffy's legs are at least 2 feet long, but I'm pretty sure any pee I caught would be on my clothing. I wouldn't even try it with Rosie unless I woke up one morning and felt like one of my limbs was just weighing me down and needed to go.