Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hope, and Rage

I don't usually get too excited about politics. Since I turned 18, "voting" has pretty much been meant "putting in a good word for the loser." (My first of-age presidential election was Clinton I, but voting in winning races is did not become a habit.) When I was eleven or twelve a friend of my dad's ran for Congress and we went to his "oh well" party. My parents said, "Stick with us, and you'll go to a lot of these parties." I Liked Mike in '88. I liked him a lot.

Nonetheless, I find myself sitting here full of hope and excitement as I watch coverage of Barack Obama speaking. Could this really be the beginning of something?? God, I hope so.

The rage is for Cali, because the universe owes her more.


CCB said...

I fell in love with Obama last night. And usually, I am a republican, I know... hard to believe.

CCB said...

ps cant we help cali again?