Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Placeholder (a.k.a. everyone else is doing it)

So my report cards are due Monday. At my school that does not mean grades crunched from a program and a comment or two from the generic sheet ("Joy to teach" or, my favorite, intended for the music teacher but too often applicable to middle school, "Likes to sing in class"). No, we write lengthy, thoughtful narratives that take each child's individual development into consideration. I think this is a wonderful idea and part of why I teach where I do, but it's a bitch to carry out.

I don't go back to work until 2/25, but it's not fair to ask my replacement to write the report cards. (In other words, they're not letting me; I would have in a heartbeat.)

All of that is to say that every drop of decent writing must be channeled towards the damn things, so I am unlikely to post anything cogent until Monday. However, I've been keeping a Word document of things I want to blog about, and I'm hoping that actually listing those ideas here will keep me more honest. (And everyone else does it.)

*Jo's naming, of course. (I do need to share now that a cool friend gave us little gifts, since Jo got so much loot that day, and I got "The Chosen Keyboard" decals. Now my delete key says "Oy Vey!" and the space bar reads "A Little Space Couldn't Hurt.")

*Dressing my son. I don't give a hoot what I wear, but oh, his little outfits!

*The working mom thing. (Other than dealing with report cards, I went back to work once for a meeting, and that triggered an avalanche of feelings that I think it would do me good to share.)

*Jo's development. He is positively amazing and brilliant.


*Panic disorder. (That post will take some cajones but I think I'm ready.)


Jen said...

Wow, Lo. The more I read of you, the more I discover ways in which we're alike. I'll be interested to see the posts on working-mom-ness and panic disorder.

I *MUST* find those keyboard decals for my assistant! :)

Cait said...

I feel your pain on the progress reports. I'm in the midst of similar insanity. Good luck, and enjoy the relief that follows turning in the last one.

Melody said...

I'm totally psyched about the keyboard decals. I had no idea they made such things.

Mo said...

We're in the process of grading too, but we do have those little automated comments. They never seem to really say what I want and I end up adding a sentence or two, but I'd be exhausted if I had to write something long for everyone.