Monday, January 14, 2008

The One Month Post

I can't believe Jo is one month old.

Some very eloquent bloggers write monthly letters to their children. I don't think I am going to do that. Or rather, I might, but I'm more likely to do it in my private journal (a battered black-and-white marble composition book) and to do it on my own schedule.

But I will offer this snapshot of life at one month:

On that monumental Sunday, I vowed I would get up and do laundry all day until it was all done. I prevailed, with limited interruptions (alas, the facilities in the basement are not exclusively mine, though with the frequency I have been doing laundry it's starting to feel that way). This was possible because we did not have any Things scheduled for Sunday.

A digression: I have come to embrace the belief that, as a new mom, I can handle one Thing per day. I was sharing this theory with Due Date Buddy (now Leo's Mom) last week when we went to visit. I noted that on the day of Jo's pediatrician appointment, we had actually accomplished a mind-boggling three Things: doctor visit, mah-jongg outing, and Fresh Dir.ect order. LM* (Leo's Mom, remember?) questioned the Fresh Dir.ect order as a valid Thing, since they do deliver to the door. However, it required being home (from the doctor) at a specific time, fishing out correct change for a tip, and wearing pants. "Oh, yeah, you do have to wear pants," LM said, and conceded my point.

Jo had a fussy day, with a lot of cluster feeding, and even the inaugural use of saline drops for some mild congestion. He was not a fan. However, I did insist on procuring cake to celebrate his big day, and made sure that Mommy had a piece so he got some cake-flavored breastmilk. (Co can take or leave cake. I love her, but I do not understand her.) It was chocolate fudge Enten.mann's. A boy could do worse.

I took a bunch of "one month" pictures, including this cute shot:
One Month Old!

And this monthly Flipper measurement:
1 Month Old

*Not to be confused with Little Monster (now Smarty) over at Dosmamas, or Little Mister over at MermaidGrrrl. Hmmm. Maybe she needs a better nickname.


Erika said...
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Erika said...

How big he is! Oh, and while browsing some other mama's pages, I came across this:

(got the URL incomplete the first time, hence the deleted post)

You might want to take a looksie, since you mention space is a factor and that can be put away in like 2 seconds (or so it says)

Melody said...

Ach-- I have to treck to the basement to do our laundry, but it's only one floor down, and I can leave multiple loads sitting there on the floor until I can get to them. I can't imagine what a THING laundry becomes when you're a REAL BIG CITY mama.

Anonymous said...

Happy one month, little boy! Geesh - how is it possible that time goes by so quickly?

Jude said...

One month already, I can't even believe it.

Also, I can't believe Co doesn't like cake. WTF? That is not natural.

Anonymous said...

Happy One Month to JO!!

Anonymous said...

One Thing per day is very sane. When I was home for parental leave (from 12 weeks - 22 weeks), I tried to be Super Mom and accomplish many Things. It was ridiculous. Once Kiddo taught me to slow the eff down, it was a wonderful time.

fostermama said...

I just looked in flickr at the original dolphin picture compared to this one. He has grown SO MUCH!!

I can't wait to see him again!

fostermama said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm big on one thing per day myself!

mrsbluemont said...

I can imagine getting anything done with such an adorable and captivating new being is near impossible. Happy one month and kudos for getting pants on at all. ox

oneofhismoms said...

We didn't write letters, but we made sure to have some cake every month of his first year. I think I have a little extra padding on my belly to show for it.

Congratulations! He's looking very cute.

Holly said...

He's so adorable!
Happy one month little guy!

fostermama said...

btw, I like the "one thing a day" idea. Next time we have a new baby, that is totally going to be the goal.

Anonymous said...

Take or leave cake? Pie or cookies, I can understand. But cake? Hmmm.
Happy 1-month to your little sweetie!

Sara said...

One THING per day seems like quite a bit to accomplish! J is gorgeous!

hd said...

And you see how long my monthly letters lasted. Sigh.

Your boy is a doll--he just keeps getting cuter. :o)