Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jo's Friends

The Pack N' Play
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Some quick notes on Jo's development: a) Fostermama was able to thread the Maya wrap, bless her. Jo likes being carried held close to a mom!

b) The fostermoms were impressed with how he pushes up when held up against a chest. He's also really working on holding his head up.

c) Sometimes, he explodes from both ends at the same time. Eating is hard.
Our plan was for Jo to sleep in a Pack n' Play. Well, you know what happens to plans. At the last minute we registered for a Snuggle Nest, were given one, and fell in love with having Jo in the bed between us.

But the Pack n' Play, it is not empty. Click on the photo to read about all of Jo's furry little friends. (We did not buy any of these.)


FosterMommy said...

Yeah, a Snuggle Nest, that's how they reel you in...first you think the p'n'p is nice and close and easy, then the Snuggle Nest seems easier (you don't have to stand up and get the baby!)...and then they start complaining when you try and put them back in the Nest, and so you end up sleeping with the baby on your chest or in the crook of your arm...and then they don't leave that position until they're 4.

Not that I'm against it, or anything. It's the power of the PAB. Just sayin'. :)

Anonymous said...

PAB? LOL! I'm lost... and we've been cosleeping for 9 years! :)

CCB said...

i miss my glowworm! that thing ruled! even though you had to practically STAND on it it get it to glow (when you're 4 and pushing glowworms is a difficult task!)

oneofhismoms said...

That Pack 'n Play will get some use at grandma's house, no doubt. Ours was never a primary crib, but we used it a lot. I miss it for vacations, actually.