Sunday, October 08, 2006

IUI: Code Name Blue Fish


So, Co has decided to name our tries (reminiscent of Sacha), though we didn't name our fresh attempt. This one is "Blue Fish," both because Co was clad all in blue when we did it, right down to her shark socks; and because she made friends with a little blue fishie in the fertility clinic's big calming fish tank while we waited for *an hour* to get the deed done. The little blue fish kept swimming near Co and opening and closing its mouth in little "o"s (you know, like the little O we're trying to make) and had a cute fishie wiggle. So if this one works (everything crossed!!) the little one gets a blue fish stuffed animal.

The IUI itself was incredibly fast. Thank you, Dr. Quick. As Co indicated in her previous post, the speculum is never fun, but the cathether was tiny and virtually irrelevant in terms of pain. Dr. Q only had her lie down for 5 minutes afterward, though I've read elsewhere of people having to stay prone for up to 20 minutes. P the Lab Guy, a.k.a He Who Defrost and Washes Sperm, was very nice, and happily told us that there were 30 million of the little guys in our sample (which I believe was only .5ml).

It was all so quick, Lo didn't even have time to corner Dr. Quick with her millions of questions. I did ask him if this ever works the first time, to which he replied, "Of course." Oh, you optimistic RE, you! So here are some of my questions for you, oh blogosphere:
1) Co had two large follicles, one on each ovary. Might the trigger shot have caused both to release?
2) Co found a statistic that, on average, one ovulates 41.5 hours after a trigger shot. Any commentary on that?


SandraMort said...

I'd imagine that it's very possible for both to release, though I haven't any solid facts to base that on. Unfortunately, the friends of mine who have been through this did IVF and all hyperovulate and harvest the eggs. This morning, Liz had something like 2 dozen eggs retrieved, for example. Hopefully they've got some good action going on in a little petri dish in a few hours! Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised. I'm so excited for youse guys!!!!

Calliope said...

1) YES! they both released! It is the only way you would get more than 1 follie released. & you might have (had) a bit more doscomfort when you ovulated as your body is used to just popping out the one. this is why ladies that stim & get 3-6 follies bitch about pain when they ovulate.
2) 36 hours is what I have always been quoted.

YAY for blue fish IUI!! I hope it is the only one you have to go through. yay!!!

charlotte said...

I have no info about trigger shots, but I'm thrilled that your first IUI is done.

Naming the attempts is cute. I wanted to do that but S refuses. I hope Blue Fish is the only one.


Gretch said...

Go BLUE fish - such a fun name! Glad to hear things went well and sending lots of positive thoughts for you two!

marci said...

Yeah I think the HCG shot triggers in 36 hours. When doing IVF they have it down to the hour on when to give yourself an HCG shot before retrieval and it was 36 hours before the procedure.

Sending lots of blue fish baby vibes to you both!!