Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Photo Friday: A is for Aunt

As I mentioned (well, buried) in an earlier post, Co and I became aunties this week. My nephew S. was born October 15, 7 lbs, 13 oz. (I won't type his full name here, but for those of you familiar with the Bible...let's hope they never cut his hair.)

I have such mixed feelings about it all. I want to be a mommy, not an auntie. I am cross that I was "lapped" (Charlotte's term) by my younger sister. She announced her pregnancy a month or so after we had begun discussions with our first failed KD (and shortly after we had gotten the big "no"). In the space of a day or two, I had to cope with re-adjusting our conception plans, and with realizing that I would not be providing my parents the first granchild. To top it off, sis has continually been insensitive about how difficult and complex this experience is for us where it was easy for her.

But S. is a cute little guy, as you can see. In the picture above he reminds me *so* much of my sister as a baby and (to my relief) I'm feeling some affection. I'm actually looking forward to meeting him and holding him....of course, I am a huge sucker for an infant.

So I am settling, if uneasily, into aunthood.

(Alternatively, A could stand for a**....and I can't wait to kiss this little one below!!)


Sarah and BB said...

Congrats on being Aunties!! He's adorable!

You are not the only one who's little sister has lapped them. My sister has 2 kids, soon to be 3 one week before us. I was a little ticked, but as soon as I hugged my nephew and niece the first time, all those feelings went away. Being an Aunt is something special too.

Sara said...

Nothing gets my biological clock ticking like spending time with our 1-year old niece. I just hope Katie's sister doesn't "lap" us with kid #2!

vee said...

Ah he's a cutie - congratulations.
I know the auntie thing can be hard too - my brother has just had his second son, conceived and born during the time we've been planning trying, but meeting him wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it might be.

Enjoy your auntiedom and I hope you'll be next!

Calliope said...

Well I think the kid is damn lucky to have such amazing & groovy aunts in his world.

FosterMommy said...

oh, he is cute! I agree with others, he's lucky to have you guys in his life. You'll hug him and kiss him and love him up.
And then turn around and still be pissed at your sister.

No conflict there. She's been an insensitive jerk.

Carey said...

Yeah... I'm about to be lapped myself. We've been trying since 8/2004 and my younger sister is about to have my neiphew (neice or nephew) in early Nov. I am the oldest, I was the first grandchild - hence, shouldn't I have been the one to produce the first great-grandchild?? No such luck.