Sunday, October 15, 2006

Symptoms, Aunt-hood, and Vehicles

Co has been gassy and nauseated. Is that good?? (Co is not counting chickens, because, she insists, she has been gassy and nauseated before and has never been pregnant.)

We are supposed to call Dr. Quick on the 23rd if she hasn't gotten her period (I assume for one of those mysterious betas). FF predicts her period a few days before that.

In other news, my sister had her baby today. If one more relative calls me and says "Hello, Auntie" I am going to pitch the phone across the room. Oh, boy. I'm a lesbian aunt. How unheard of. I am in no mood to be defined by my sister's fertility.

I don't feel like a very good person for not being more excited.

Our big news is that we pick up our "new-to-us" car on Tuesday night. It's a 2003 Saturn Ion, silver-blue. With both a CD player and a tape deck! (I honed right in on the important details.) I'll post pictures.

I might even post pictures of my nephew S (since my sister and her husband have a self-aggrandizing website where they plan to post his visage all over the Internet, I don't see why I shouldn't. But I don't have any pix yet).


marci said...

Well, keep us posted on what's happening with that! Do you have a scheduled appointment x amount of days after insem?

Also, Saturns are great cars! I've had 3 of them and they've always run well!

Wishing you luck ladies!

Co said...


We have no scheduled appointment.

If I hit 16 DPO and no period, I go in for a pregnancy test.

If I get my period before then, I go in on CD 2 or 3, as before, to monitor the new follies and start the new cycle. I'm really okay with that. I don't expect the first IUI to work. And I'm not so hopeful about my nausea and vomiting. It's probably a friggin' stomach virus or something. Ack! The pessimist has returned.

I admit I'm enjoying the no doctor's appointments part of the TWW.

Clare said...

fingers and toes are crossed

ms.bri said...

I drove a Saturn for years and still miss it. They have great customer service.

Good luck with the rest of the wait.

Oh, and is your old car already gone? I have friends looking for one.

Calliope said...

gassy & barfy?

my 1st new car was a Saturn & I loooooooved her. (her name was Jade)

Co said...

The car we're trading in is a '98 Saturn SL2. Yes, I do love Saturn.

Her name is Goldie. She was named by my fifth-grade class who were so excited that I had a new car that they demanded a field trip to the parking lot to see it. Then I let them name her. Funny, Calliope, that your Saturn was named Jade. Naming cars after color is popular, I guess.

Bri, I am trading my car in so I am not selling it on my own, but your friends probably don't want my car anyway. It's been a good car, but it's getting pricey to maintain now.