Monday, March 12, 2007

IUI #4 (Insem #6): Yellow Fish

Not one but two yellow fish said hi to Co at the clinic this morning. Later as we walked to the subway we saw two adorable dachshunds (to which we said hi, of course). Portents, we wonder???

After the IUI, I, with my insatiable thirst for knowledge, asked Dr. Quick my pressing but two probably silly questions (is is true that you can't get pregnant if the IUI hurts? Is it okay that her cervix is low today?, to which, of course, the answers were no and yes respectively). I think he found me entertaining. Co, ever the prude, found me embarassing. Knowledge is power, I maintain.

Once again, Nerdy Science Guy came through with a count of 40 million and a motility of 92%. I am in awe.

Co is having more pain than she's ever had before, which is no surprise, since we're estimating she popped about 4-5 follicles this time around. So we're cuddled in bed resting, and shortly we will commence our mini-film festival of The Night Listener and For Your Consideration.

So, now we join our blogfriends in the two week well as our dear friends in their thirty day wait. We're both feeling hopeful, and we wish all of you lots of hope and luck as well.


maeby said...

i'm sorry to hear that things are owie this time around - i hope that the cuddling helps! crossing my fingers that the signs you saw today were, indeed, signs!

charlotte said...

What a week you have had! Holy crap. I am so incredible hopeful for you this cycle. Your nerd is FERTILE!

Chamulita said...

hey Lo and Co! I am rooting for you all the way from Minneapolis! Best of luck. Maybe I will get those placemats to you by the time the baby is born.

Gretch said...

swim, yellow fish, swim!

Melody said...

All my fingers and toes crossed for you guys this month.

BTW-- walking seems to be helping relieve the bloat for me more than taking it easy. Just a thought.

FosterMommy said...

The Squeaker's got his fingers crossed for you guys.
I hope 2 yellow fish and 2 daschies does not mean is really enough. :) Though two is supposedly twice as cute!

calliope said...

yay for the yellow fish cycle!
You guys should rent Stranger than Fiction for your lie in.
& kick ass count from Nerdy Science Guy!!

bri said...

Hope this one is it for you!

oneofhismoms said...

You seem superstitious to me. I am superstitious and TTC as well. So, after reading your blog for the first time, I have this question for you: do you think it is a bad sign that I inseminated on St. Patrick's Day and the number on the can was 911? It seems kind of bad for a New Yorker, no?

Anyway, good luck to you both!