Sunday, March 25, 2007

Photo Friday: Maggie Models

So here it is. Really, what else did anyone expect us to do? Below, Maggie models one each of her mommies' boulder-holders. (The white one is Co's, the blue one is mine. I have to admit I trotted out my prettiest bra for the event...most of mine are far more pedestrian, not to say grayish and stretched out.)

Maggie's Lingerie

In other news....

Parents: We just got home from a weekend with my mom, taking care of her after her surgery (which, thank God, resulted in a clean bill of health for her). She's not easy to take care of, but we left her with groceries in the fridge and a clean kitchen. We saw my Dad on the way out of town and she didn't find out! My own personal parent trap averted, at least this time.

We also saw nephew S, now 5 months and truly the cutest baby in the world. I was nervous that I would not fall in love with him, but the connection is powerful and he happens to be a winningly beautiful, precocious, and perfect baby.

Co is writing a post with our TTC news (which is really all about our conjectures, hopes, and fantasies, rather than actual science, but hey, if there's no blood yet, that's license to dream). Today is 13 dpo.

I leave you to contemplate the cuteness. Careful -- you may need sunglasses.


vee said...

Big "Ahhhs" all round, and top marks for the Maggie shot - inspired!!

Co said...

Umm... her mommies' boulder holders? Mama Lo has boulder holders. Mama Co has pebble holders. You know it's true.

calliope said...

pebble holder...heh.

Lo- I am so so so glad that drama was avoided with the parents & that your Mom is on the mend.

Co- crossing fingers.


SandraMort said...

OMG, thank goodness, a post. My F2 key was wearing out... but don't do that! I saw:

In other news:


And I started jumping up and down. (OK, not literally, I'm nursing a sleeping baby, but I GASPED and sat upright excited to read more) So... I guess I keep hitting F2 a while more.

bri said...

13 dpo, huh? Hm... Interesting.

FosterMommy said...

I'm glad the mom/dad thing worked out easily.
And the baby is really cute. Especially with the weiner dog. :)