Saturday, March 31, 2007

Photo Friday: Before & After

I have gushed before, I believe, about my nephew's striking resemblance to my sister as a baby. It touches me so much because seeing him brought up visceral memories I didn't know I had. I was 3 when she was born and I have plenty of memories, but holding S., kissing his bald head, and seeing his little face scrunch up in tears touches something deep inside.

So here is Before: my sister the day after her birth in November 1977. My mom propped her up against the lion to show how tiny she was at 5 lbs. We're sitting in my bed. (We were both born at home.)


And here is After: nephew S. at about one week old, in October 2006.

One Week Old


Dis said...

Oh my goodness! They look exactly alike.

Mo said...

Those pictures are really sweet. I have a lot of affection for babies who look like my youngest brother because he was so sweet. My daughter actually reminds me of what I looked like as a child. It's weird, kind of like I'm looking back into my past or something.

Chamulita said...

Hey Lo and Co --
I obviously haven't been keeping up with your blog 'cause I didn't know until your exciting exciting exciting Email about the news. So Congrats!
Flipper's a good fetus name.
Julia my sister, just had another baby, and her in utero name was Baggerdags, yes baggerdags, named by my three year old nephew. see you. E