Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lucky Penny

There is a penny sitting on my dresser. I found it in the street on my way to the IUI on Monday (3/12). My mom used to recite the rhyme I'm sure many of you have heard: "Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck." It was a bright, shiny one too, like in this picture; and it was heads up. My mom never specified that the penny had to be heads up, but I picked that additional superstition up along my way.

That night I found it in my pocket and went to put it in our loose change jar, as I normally would....but I ended up leaving it on my dresser instead.

I saved the vials from our at-home try, too. I didn't save them, so much as I just intentionally didn't throw them out after setting them on the edge of a bookshelf during the, uh, procedure. My friend W. teased me and said I was planning on putting them in the baby book. Which, as she well knows, is not entirely a joke. I'm a sentimental fool, such that it's a darn good thing we have a storage unit in our co-op.

Of course, I threw away the vials when the blood came. Am I going to feel as grim about that shiny penny when we get the BFN? Should I toss it in the jar now so it doesn't mock me later?

I probably won't.


e. said...

nor would i.

we always save the vials- and then toss them when blood shows. more than once i've had my work bag with me for the iui and tossed the vial in. i've later reached in for a pen, and found a vial...that's a bit weird. we're totally keeping the vial that works!

my mom has (lesbian) friends who
have a 20 something year old daughter. they used a kd, but still have the syringe they used-- and even showed it to us. they were nice back then, glass, not plastic!

fingers crossed for this cycle.

vee said...

Excellent omen. I hope you still have that penny for many years to come, and that it has a happy story attached to it that your beautiful child will tell with pride.

art-sweet said...

Oh, I'd totally keep the penny.

Then pitch it under the wheels of a semi if the rotten thing proved not to be lucky after all.

And if it did? First page of the baby book!

calliope said...

keep the penny. If anything it is a reminder that hope, and the ability to SEE hope, is everywhere. How many people walked past that coin before it caught your eye? And still you found it.

crossing fingers.

Melody said...

I'd totally keep the penny, and if you're pg this month, you've got to frame it or something.

We kept the vial from our one at-home insemination and still have it-- even though it didn't get us pregnant. We don't save the ones from the IUIs we do at the doc's office, though. I think we keep this one more as a reminder of what we've been through together to make this dream a reality-- so I don't think I'll ever get rid of it. If we get pregnant this time, I think I'll save the Follistim pen, too.

oneofhismoms said...

I distinctly remember trying to remember the name of the song that was playing on the radio when I picked up our first man-in-a-can from FedEx. Of course, that one didn't work... and I don't remember the song, either.

Funny...it never even crossed my mind to keep the vials.

e. said...

Your chart looks AMAZING this cycle! Text book dip on 7 dpo! :)