Thursday, March 15, 2007

Whiling Away the TWW: Funky Sock Exchange!

A friend of mine has drawn me into this delightful chain. It's an old-fashioned snail mail chain letter, though also easily done over email. It works like this:

1) You receive the email from me, and send one pair of cool/funky/comfy/whatever socks to one person.
2) You forward the message (through email or snail mail) to at least 6 more people.
3) You receive up to 36 pairs of cool socks!!

I'm sooooo in.

Anyone want to join me? Leave a comment and/or email me (familyo at earthlink dot net).

Get those feet stylin'! Do I detect a future Photo Friday topic....?


maeby said...

holy shit! i totally posted about this a gazillion years ago. i'm a sock WHORE. unfortunately, i got such a low response from people that i ended up abandoning the idea. i'm TOTALLY in. (and yeah, that'd be a way cool future photo friday - cali are you listening?)

Sophia said...

i'm in

gypsygrrl said...

i'm totally in for the sock thing!!!
let me know what i need to do!

gypsy grrl

Lo said...

Hey gypsygrrl! I need your email so I can send you the sock exchange. I couldn't find it on your blog. You can email me at familyo at earthlink dot net. Thanks!