Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7 Things About Lo

Oneofhismoms tagged me to do the "7 Things" meme, so here we go.

1. I spent my study abroad semester in Montreal. I am a Canadophile, and have thought seriously about immigrating (current U.S. politics have fueled this desire, but did not originate it). Montreal was closer to my parents' house than the U.S. college I graduated from. However, I really appreciated my time in Canada. It offered me a perspective from outside of the U.S., which is invaluable, and I did get a chance to use my French. Montreal is one of only two cities I've ever felt truly at home in (the other being the one I do live in).

2. In addition to Maggie, I have two pet hamsters. They live in my classroom, and because I let the children name them, they are Jellybean and Ray Ray. Jelly looked like a little licorice jellybean when he was a baby; I really don't know where they got Ray Ray. She nearly missed being named S*njaya, though.

3. I am shy about showing my toes. For years I searched out closed-toe, yet airy sandals. Frustratingly, these are mostly made for men (and men's shoes don't fit me well, believe me, I've tried!). Two summers ago I took a deep breath, and got some open-toed sandals and a pedicure. I feel less self-conscious when my toes are brightly painted (purple or blue or green, something outrageous).

4. I am a Boy Scout. This is because in high school I was an "Explorer Scout," a co-ed group that nonetheless is under the rubric of the Boy Scouts of America. My dad was delighted when I got my first piece of mail from the Boy Scouts...two daughters, but he finally got his Boy Scout.

5. I hate olives. I can detect their taste in most any dish, though in deference to my Italian wife I have gotten used to food that's been cooked in olive oil (always avoided it on my own). Adorably, olives are the one food I have ever seen Maggie actually spit out. That's my girl.

6. I watch much, much more T.V. now than I ever did as a kid. I watch all three Law & Orders, Scrubs, Degrassi, The Sopranos, The Simpsons, Jeopardy!...My child-self would be horrified. But adults need more downtime. And, I would argue self-servingly, T.V. has gotten better (except Jeopardy!; it rocks now, as it always has).

7. I have never been a patient in a hospital. (Excluding several E.R. visits, but I was never admitted.) When I was a kid we used to trick each other by pointing out that everyone was a patient in a hospital once, as a baby. But I was born at home. So was my sister, and our only cousin. Nephew S. was born in a hospital, though, and Embryo-O will be as well. Weird how the pendulum swings.

As I understand it, I am to tag seven people to go with the seven things. It's a challenge to find seven folks who haven't done it yet so apologies if this is a repeat for any of you...Jay and Vee, Mel, CD & SP, and Jude...you're it!


Jude said...

Hello! I like your 7 things!

I answered mine over at my non-baby blog - judecorp.livejournal.com.


oneofhismoms said...

I hate olives too. I keep thinking my grown-up taste buds will have grown accustomed to them. So I try them and they still taste foul. I guess I just don't like them. But I do like olive oil.

oneofhismoms said...

PS If you think you watch a lot of tv now, just wait until you can't leave the house after your wee one hits the sack. Just join Netf1cks now.

Trista said...

Kristin was an explorer scout, too! I thought she was making up the whole explorer scout thing, so I guess I owe her an apology. There really were girl boy scouts.

calliope said...

please pass all of your olives this-a-way!