Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Photo Fruesday: It's Not Easy Being...


I just had to make that reference.

Before the photo, I must bring you the 7th grade quote of the day: "13 [as in turning the age] changes your life so much."

We live across the street from a beautiful park, which is in full splendourous greenery, but I've posted pictures of it before. So I bring you a photo my dad emailed me today, from the small town in Germany that bears our last name!

German O Town

A few years ago the mayor of O-town sent out a call for people with the last name from all over the world to come visit for a "reunion" festival. (There was subtext about connecting with Jewish O's, since they were the most likely to have left the country, and indeed, my dad has become friendly with another Jewish O who lives in South Africa.) My dad was curious, so he and his wife went, and fell in love with O-town. They've gone back every year since and even talk about buying an apartment. I have yet to go myself but I am dying to. (Not least because I could hang with Sarah, BB, and Nicholas!)

(It's not clear if that side of my family actually came from O-town, despite the name, because as far as anyone knows our European roots are in Lithuania. But we may have emigrated there from Germany.)


Mo said...

When I first saw that photo, it reminded me of when we road a chairlift like-thing over some vineyards in Germany, and then come to read that it was taken in Germany. Cool story about O-town. I hope you get to make it there sometime soon.

Sarah and BB said...

O-town is right around the corner from Crazytown (aka Frankfurt)! We would love to meet up with Lo,Co & Embry-O!

oneofhismoms said...

Hey! I am also a Lithuanian Jew. Sheesh.